About Sean & Carolyn

(Folks, this may just be the one thing we try to write together. Seems fitting that it’s our story!)

We met on Oct 28, 1989 early in Sean’s sophomore year of college (Carolyn was a whole year and a half older as a junior). Sean likes to remind Carolyn frequently that she is older than him. We fell in love soon thereafter and had a fun college experience, and were engaged a week after graduation. We were married May 29,1993 and began a life together in a small apartment in Toledo. In each other we found best friends and formed a lasting bond based on common values and a love for family. In each other we had met our match (on multiple levels!), and feel so blessed to have each other as partners in life.

In September, 1994 our son Drew was born and after some fertility struggles Ryan came along in April 1997. Our fertility struggles then began in earnest as we pursued having additional children. Our decade long battle with infertility ended with a successful IVF and our daughter Mary Kate was born in March 2008. That IVF produced extra embryos we had frozen for later pregnancy attempts which led us to a frozen embryo transfer in February 2009 and the call from the doctor alerting us of the medical error.   Logan Savage Morell was born in September 2009 and reunited with his genetic parents, Paul and Shannon, shortly after his birth.

A couple of years and a few embryo transfer attempts later, we welcomed our twin daughters, Reagan and Isabella into our family in August, 2011.   They were shepherded into this world by a loving woman, Jennifer Onash, who worked with us as a gestational carrier.  Reagan and Isabella  have been joyful additions to our family and have ultimately led us to a very peace-filled place.

Drew, Ryan, Mary Kate, Reagan and Isabella are the center of our universe and a joy to raise. Despite all of the challenges and stress that comes with raising five children, we believe there is no more important or satisfying career than parenthood. We both enjoy being involved in the church and the community giving of both our time and resources and hope to set the best example possible for our children.