10 Months of Happy Chaos, Love and Joy – Update on The Twins

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Carolyn Savage

Our newest additions are growing up fast!  It seems that their little personalities are shining through with every day that passes. 



Reagan is a busy bee.  She’s into everything and loves being the center of attention.

I think she’s going to be the mischief maker.

 Reagan’s also the friendliest baby we’ve ever had. 

Who’s holding her in the picture? I have no idea!

(Yes..I know…I’m mother-of-the-year)

But Reagan was happy to have her attention.

I love having an extroverted baby!



Isabella’s as sweet as ever!

Like MK, she’s got her Grandpa John’s baby blues.

Not sure where her chubby cheeks come from but I find them irresistable. 

(Must kiss them all.the.time!)

She already knows that she can get anything she wants with a grin…

…especially when Daddy’s around. 

 The girls have brought so much happy chaos, love and joy to our lives.

We continue to be forever grateful to Jennifer for the gift she’s given our family.


We are truly the luckiest family on Earth!





One Comment on “ 10 Months of Happy Chaos, Love and Joy – Update on The Twins ”

  • lynda crossman | June 11th, 2012 6:15 pm

    congrats!!! Girls are def. different than boys. Not that I would trade my boys!! they look loved and so glad they are joys!!!! enjoy them!! 🙂

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