Finding The Smiles While in A Funk

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Carolyn Savage

I’m in a bit of a funk right now.

I have no good reason to be but I actually think that’s what a “funk” is.  Feeling “blah” but having no reason to feel “blah”.  Knowing that a funk is temporary I usually just muddle through while looking for a way out.  The way out always comes from inspiration—or a good old slap upside the head in the form of a reminder as to why I have no good reason to be down. Then again…could be hormones.  I think mine are starting to change.

My poor husband.

One method of funk extraction I always try is cleaning and organizing.  I’ve written before about the positive impact a clean and organized cupboard can have on my mood.  The problem is I started in the basement which got me wondering if we may be hoarders.  Then, as every project goes, one thing leads to another and suddenly I’m overwhelmed—and annoyed—by the amount of organizing that needs to be done.  At that point I have two choices.  I can lower my head and barge through it…or I can quit.

I’m still deciding which way to proceed.

In the midst of my funk there were a few smiles…

First Smile –  College Roomie Visit

Last Tuesday my college roommate visited with her five year old daughter.  Amy and I met in 1987 during freshman orientation at Miami University.  We immediately hit it off and decided to room together.  Little did we know we’d live together all four years.  Twenty-five years later we both have five kids.  Her youngest is the same age as MK and as luck would have it…they love each other almost as much as Amy and I.


Swimming on October 1st is not normal in northwest Ohio. But…we’ll take it!



Second Smile –  A Reunion

Drew ran at the University of Notre Dame this past Friday.  It was his fourth meet for the Bobcats and seeing as how South Bend is only two hours from home, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the girls to see their big brother.  It was their first visit since he left in August.  There is no doubt they are  his biggest fans!

The start...

The start…



Third Smile –  A Pumpkin Farm

After we waved goodbye to Drew we headed to my parent’s home in Michigan for the night.  The next day brought us to a fall festival for the girls with their grandparents.  It was a special trip because they got to go with Grandma and Papa.



Wondering how Reagan got in that pumpkin?

Wondering how Reagan got in that pumpkin?


It’s always interesting to me that a funk can have windows of smiles.  I remember a time in my life where my funk was more serious because the smiles didn’t come.  I think by remembering the difficult year that was 2010 I can keep my latest blah mood in check.

I’m so grateful for perspective.

Now…if you’ll excuse me I have a freezer to defrost and a refrigerator to clean.  God knows it’s the “cupboard” in my house that I open the most so I figure if I spiffy them up I’m sure to be giddy.

It’s the simple things sometimes…

Isn’t it?


Would love to know how you pull yourself out of a funk?   I need a new strategy.  Cleaning and organizing is getting old.

One Comment on “ Finding The Smiles While in A Funk ”

  • Teri | October 8th, 2013 10:04 am

    I’m feeling your funk today, Carolyn. I think I need a girls night out or a visit with my best friend to pull me out of the blue that I’m in.

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