A Few Signs that Vacation Re-Entry Has You by The B*lls

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Carolyn Savage

Re-entry after an extended vacation can be challenging.  Re-entry into an unseasonably cold and snowy northwest Ohio spring can be downright horrible.  After wandering through the fog that has been the re-introduction to our rather chaotic schedule for the past 48 hours I’ve come to identify a few signs that one may be suffering from Vacation Re-Entry Syndrome.

It’s a thing, people.

Getting dressed is hard.

Like… so hard it becomes optional.  Just this morning, as I saw the Roto Rooter guy pulling into my driveway, I recognized this sympton in myself when I thought, “Sh*t.  I should probably put on pants…and a bra,” but realized I didn’t have time for both.  You guys, I booked the appointment.  It’s not like Roto Rooter was springing a surprise visit .    Bra or pants?!?!?  It was like Sophie’s choice.

You become forgetful.

So forgetful, in fact, that you can’t remember any part of your pre-vacation life.  During the first 48 hours home I had to remind myself where I keep the cooking oil (uh…the same place it’s been for the past decade); and when MK got out of the car Monday morning she quickly ran back asking where her glasses were.  “Sh*t.  You where glasses?!?  No wonder you couldn’t see the damn dolphins on our Florida boat ride.”

Let’s all pause while I add another jewel to my mother of the year crown.

You Can’t Cook

Partly because you can’t remember where half your ingredients are stored.  Partly because you are experiencing some sort of vacation-induced laziness hangover.  While on vacation I don’t cook which is a bit of a feat with a family our size.  Breakfast and lunch happen as they normally do.  And, no.  I don’t consider making PB&J and bowls of cereal cooking.

I do have standards!

Dinner is a mix of Easy Mac, chicken nuggets–or fingers if we are splurging–and carryout for Mom and Dad.  It’s heavenly while it lasts but damn if this tribe of mine doesn’t want to eat the very second we arrive home.  That’s when the trouble begins.  Luckily, after years of experience with this challenge, I stocked up on PF Changs and Stouffers frozen family sized dinners before we left.  Rest assured, my children will not starve but instead die a slow…slow… death caused by GMO, non-Paleo, preservative laden fare.  That is…until I can get my sh*t together.

First World Problems 

I am acutely aware that Vacation Re-Entry Syndrome is a first world problem.  I’m not complaining.  I’m simply raising awareness in hopes that our family and my brain don’t stand alone in the struggle.

So, in the spirit of solidarity please tell me…what do you find the biggest challenge when arriving home after some time away?

Do tell!

A Few Shots of our Trip…

Nicholas' make-shift baby pool.

Nicholas’ make-shift baby pool.

Boogie boarding in sea fog.

Boogie boarding in sea fog.

Beachin' it.

Beachin’ it.

IMG_1167IMG_1229FullSizeRender (6)

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter and are enjoying a warmer spring than we are.  It’s freezing here.  Mother Nature must be really confused.

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  • Mary Squire | April 5th, 2016 11:47 am

    Carolyn, I so enjoy reading your blog posts & seeing your family pictures. I love your writing style, your humor, your ability to make the everyday events of family life sound really fun, & the peeks into your life. Thanks so much for sharing yourself & your family. (p.s., I’d love to get together sometime & catch up in person!)

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