A Gratitude Album

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 Mary Vogel’s done it again!   

I’m so grateful that Rick and Marybeth connected us!  I am so grateful to have her contributing to Mama On The Fly.  What a blessing.  Enjoy!


Gratitude Paper Bag Album

Happy November! I love this time of year as November and Thanksgiving always call to mind what I am thankful for. You too?  Then this Gratitude album may be the perfect project for you this month!

 Supplies needed:

Lunch bags

An assortment of scrapbook papers

A hole punch

Some ribbon

Double stick tape or scrapbook adhesive

Embellishments – your choice!

I started with some plain brown lunch bags that I cut down so they would be approximately 6 1/2 inches high.



I also chose an assortment of papers that coordinated.


To make it easier, I have found that I prefer small books of paper that can be found in most scrapbooking aisles. Here are a few I already had on hand to choose from:




Don’t feel that you have to use a small pack of papers – any scrapbook paper will do just fine!

 Once you have your papers selected, you will need to cut them down to fit the bag. It’s best to measure the bag you’re using and then trim about 1/4″ smaller than the bag measures. My bags measured about 6 1/2 (the length I cut them to) by 4 1/2 so I trimmed each piece of paper to 6 1/4 x 4 1/4.

I also wanted the edges of the papers to be distressed so I scuffed them up by using a pair of opened scissors that I scraped along the edge of the paper. Kind of like this:



 It’s hard to take a picture when you need two hands to demonstrate!!  Normally, my right hand would be holding the scissors and I would then run the blade along the edge of the paper to rough it up. It will look like this when the page is all distressed:

 If you prefer, you can certainly skip the distressing step. Don’t want to distress you over distressing!

 Now adhere your papers to the lunch bags.


 Once you have all of the papers adhered (and I adhered mine to the side of the bag that DID NOT have the bottom flap! That makes the paper lay much smoother) we need to punch a few holes along the spine. The spine is the end of the bag at the bottom – we want the open edge of the bag to be at the right side of the book – you’ll see why soon.

 Punch your holes in the first bag and then use it as a template for where to position the holes for the remaining bags. By the way, the number of bags is up to you – my project uses 6.

 Once you have your holes in place, thread ribbon through the holes and tie in a slightly loose knot along the spine. If the knots are too tight, the pages won’t open correctly.


 Now comes the fun part! Decorating!!  Feel free to use stickers, cut outs, ribbon, other paper scraps – whatever you choose to decorate your cover and pages. Here is my cover:

 I used a paper doily, a little crocheted trim, a strip of paper (leftover from trimming my paper down to fit the pages) and some die cut letters – also from leftover paper.

There are many ways to create a Gratitude Album (see below) – mine will include a photo of people who are special to me on each embellished page and a note about why I am thankful for that person will be slipped into the open section of the bag/page as shown here on my first page about my sweet husband:


 If you would like to see the remaining pages, they will be posted on my blog, on Life and Creating (http://mbryt1.blogspot.com)

 Other ways to create your album include:
* making each page a place to write your thoughts about what you are thankful for and inserting a photo in the bag opening

* asking your family members to each contribute a page of what they are thankful for – this would be a great after turkey Thanksgiving day project!

* get children involved! Have them draw pictures of what they are thankful for and adhere the picture to the album page, then place a note you wrote about their picture in the bag opening.

 Dress your Gratitude Album up however you see fit and refer to it often! November isn’t the only time we should stop and remember all the good things in our lives. Enjoy!


Now how cute is that?  For more of Mary’s creations please visit her at her site, Petite-Party.net!  I promise you won’t be disappointed! 


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  • Mary Vogel | November 14th, 2012 12:01 am

    Thanks Carolyn and please let Mary Beth know I am thinking about her and sending prayers up for her health!

    Hey all, I would love to have you visit me at petite-party.net but to find the rest of this project, be sure to follow the link to my crafty blog: http://mbryt1.blogspot.com

    Thank you!

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  • Kate F. @katefineske | November 15th, 2012 12:32 pm

    Wow! That is really cool! I’m gonna have to “pin it” to do later 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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