A Shockingly Genuine Celebrity Wedding…Love This!

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Carolyn Savage

Mark Zuckerburg and Dr. Priscilla Chan

In an age where celebrities often use their weddings as PR stunts (aka, Brangelina, Kardashian), it was refreshing to wake up this morning to the news that Mark Zuckerburg got married yesterday—on the down low! No paparazzi, no ga-gillion dollar pomp and circumstance or celebrity guest lists, just a back yard ceremony with less than 100 guests.  Nothing says “I’ll love you, forever” more than a genuine wedding in front of the people who really, really matter.  Kudos to you Mark and Priscilla!  There’s no doubt, in my mind, that your union will be one that truly lasts a lifetime!

For the full story, read here! 

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