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Carolyn Savage

We have an anniversary coming up.

Five years ago, on February 16, 2009, I learned my greatest lesson about love.  Looking back on it now, it seems fitting that the moment that taught me the most about love happened on the heels of Valentines Day.  Of course, at the time, I didn’t really see the situation for it’s positive potential in my life.  In 2009, we were in crisis mode—making life altering decisions the ramifications of which were unknown.  Sometimes I cringe when I think about the moment the news crashed into my world.  I can picture my frantic reaction and wish I could jump into my 2009 bedroom and tell myself how much good was about to happen.

If I’d had that opportunity I may have said something like this…

Calm down.  Breath deeply. This isn’t as scary as it seems.  This child is going to teach you so much about unconditional love.  This child will illuminate a path for your family–a path that would have never been traveled without him—and at the end is a gift.  A gift greater than anything you could imagine.

Of course, if someone would have told me that on February 16, 2009, I probably would have rejected their message.  Time has made way for improved perspective and perspective continues to reveal the lessons I’ve learned—the greatest of which is about love.


Of course, before I became pregnant with Logan I knew about love.  I had been happily married for fifteen years and mothered three children.  Honestly, before becoming a wife I didn’t really grasp all that was required of marital love.  I remember my dad telling me,  “marriage is hard work”.   At the time I was caught up in the bliss of my engagement.  Nothing about my relationship seemed like work.  A few months into married life, however, and I realized my father was right.   Turns out when two Type A’s enter into holy matrimony work is required—along with a serious dose of “I’ll meet you half way“.

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I also remember how irritated I’d get when a parent of one of my students would tell me I’d understand how much they loved their child only after I became a parent myself.  I used to dismiss their sentiment.  I loved the kids in my class.  Surely it was the same.  Then Drew was born and in the second he took his first breath my heart filled with a depth of love, the power of which I could have never fathomed.  Those parents were right.  There was more to learn about my ability to love.


Sometimes I think maybe the powers that be decided I needed an extreme situation to teach me even more about my capacity to love others.   I’d like to think that if what happened had never happened I would have eventually landed in  the place I am now, but who knows?  Maybe not.  Regardless,  I would suggest that it doesn’t take getting pregnant with the wrong child to help us recognize how capable we are of loving everyone around us just a little more.  Instead I think it takes effort.  And, of course, effort takes time and time is a fleeting commodity in our “on-the-fly” world.  So, this week, I challenge you to love those around you just a little bit better by taking the time to send a brief message of love to those that truly matter.



In honor of the five year anniversary of our greatest lesson I’m asking you to help spread the love this week by sending five messages to special people through some form of social media.  Tweet them, Facebook them, Instagram them…whatever works best.  Tell them something you love about them and tag the message #spreadthelove and ask them to pay it forward by sending five more messages to those that they love using the #spreadthe love.  Together we can remind so many why they are loved and in the meantime teach the world about kindness.

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