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Carolyn Savage

The chaos in our house has amped up for the fall.  The boys’ cross country season is in full swing, and with both of them running varsity if we’re not watching them race, I’m cooking something healthy to try and fuel their speed.  Drew’s a senior this year and this is an important time for him.  He has aspirations of running in college so he has benchmarks that must be met to secure a spot on a team.  Unfortunately, after what should have been a harmless dip in a pond, he caught a parasite that is normally not seen in these parts.  I can’t even spell what he has, but I knew it was bad when his doctor called with his test results and started by saying, “Has Drew been to Africa recently?”  Needless to say, he’s got some recovering to do.


Regardless, watching Drew and Ryan run never ceases to take my breath away. 



Ryan’s in the white jersey in the upper left hand corner. He’s running a hill after the first mile of the race. Looks like fun, huh?



I don’t run.  Well, at least not on purpose.  The boys get their love for running from Sean.  I’d like to think they get their perseverance from me. 


Drew’s running the hill. He’s behind Ryan at this point, but eventually worked his way up to the front of the pack. He’s a slow starter, but his endurance always amazes me!

We don’t take the girls to these races.  It’s our day to concentrate on the accomplishments of the boys.  I stuggle with leaving the little ones behind, but I made a promise to myself when we decided to go for more kids, to do everything we can to soak up our remaining time with our  boys.  Saturdays are our days with them, and I slurp up every second.  I’m acutely aware that they are getting close to flying the nest.  Drew and I spent last night working on his college applications–takes my breath away to even write that sentence.  



Sundays for The Girls 

When the boys were little, we reserved Sunday afternoons for getting out of the house.  Our destinations varied, but most of the time we found ourselves in one of Toledo’s amazing metro parks. Eventually this tradition gave way to athletic games, tournaments of some sort and school projects.  Looking back on it now, I think that’s the way it usually goes.  Elementary aged kids have a lot of commitments.   


Now that Drew and Ryan are more independent (aka…Doing their homework themselves because Sean and I are incapable of assisting. )  we are reinstituting our old family tradition with the girls.  That meant a trip to a park on Sunday afternoon.  MK never ceases to amaze me with her extroverted spirit.  Within seconds of arriving she’s made instant friends.  So different than my shy little boys!  She’s also a monkey.  Fearless, I’d say.  So different than I was at that age.  I hope her cheerful, outgoing personality sticks.  If it does, she’ll never be without a friend…or a demerit for socializing.  We’ll focus on the positive for her!     





Reagan and Isabella love getting out of the house.  Sometimes I worry that I don’t get them out enough.  Honestly, for the first year of their lives, I think with the exception of holidays, two trips out of town, and doctor’s appointments, they were sequestered within the loving walls of our home.   Realizing that this could quickly become a problem, we are making more of an effort to get them out and about.  This playground was the perfect option, as the mulch is really rubber.  Perfect for absorbing unintentional spills and even better for preventing Isabella  from eating wood chips. 



Isabella’s getting closer to walking!



One shoe off…always!















We finished our trip to the park with a  walk to the National Center for Nature Photography.  Full of  pretty cool photographs of all kinds of animals, Mary Kate was enamored with the lizard and the fish. 


Studying intently…


While Reagan wasn’t as thrilled and tried to make a run for it…or crawl for it…



Who’d let a baby crawl around a photo gallery?


Needless to say, Sean and I were exhausted by Sunday night.  Sometimes we laugh…it’s kind of like parenting two cohorts of kids.  We are doing things on both ends of the parenting spectrum–proofing college apps and baby proofing our kitchen all in the same day makes for interesting to-do lists.   And keeping it all straight is mind boggling at times.  But then we imagine what our lives would be like if our three little girls had never entered our lives and we are grateful. 


And that’s when we lower our heads to take on the events of the day…or hour…or minute… by saying enthusiastically to ourselves, “We are all in.”


Matilda Jane…


Mary Kate’s shirt that she wore to the park is from one of my new favorite girl’s clothing shops.  Matilda Jane is an online vendor for some of the most beautiful and unique pieces I’ve ever seen.  MK’s dress on the first day of school was also a Matilda Jane piece…



Their new collection “Character Counts” is open for ordering.  All you have to do is peruse the collection here,  save your wishlist and send it to Kelly Ewbank at

There’ll be more about Kelly’s work with Matilda Jane in an upcoming post, but until then I felt the need to share because the clothes are so darn cute


I hope this week leaves you with plenty of smiles, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed by chaos, remember my motto, ” ALL IN”!





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  • Lori Ray | September 10th, 2012 9:43 pm

    Sweet! I to am on both ends of the spectrum with my sons being 22, 20 and 3…so much fun!

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