Binders Are Sexy? At Least in My House They Are!

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Carolyn Savage

So, like sixty five million other Americans on Tuesday night, I watched the presidential debate,


like sixty-five million other Americans, I heard Mitt Romney mention something about a binder full of women..(or women’s resumes for his cabinet…or something like that!)

I thought nothing of it.  Neither did anyone else in our house.  (There were four of us watching.)

Apparently, though, his binder full of women’s resumes has caused some to get their undies in a knot.  I’m guessing all who pounced on the binder comment were waiting for Romney to say something they could twist…much in the same way that others were waiting for President Obama to say something that could be negatively spun.  That’s how this political thing works. 


That being said, the binder comment didn’t phase me for a very different reason. You see, I live with a Binder Guy. Sean has a binder for every major activity in his life.  Trust me when I say that he single handedly keeps Avery Durable Binders in business.  Our basement is full of them.  Hopefully we own stock.

There are two more sets of shelves full of these suckers. And a few bins…and some under beds…and some propping us crooked couches…

There are tax binders, goals binders and binders for every season of every sport he’s ever coached.  My personal favorite is the infamous “CF” binder.  That was the binder Sean created when I got pregnant after my fertility clinic fell asleep at the wheel.  What does “CF” stand for?  Well, it’s a secret.   Sean said if anyone should ask, we’ll tell them it stands for “Caring Family”. 

A four inch binder couldn’t hold all the documents Sean categorized for our ordeal. We keep this in a safe. I think some day he thinks it may end up in the Smithsonian? Not sure.

Um…it doesn’t.

Having lived with Binder Guy for almost twenty years now, I’ve learned to appreciate Sean’s organizational method.  A bit bulky, it is, but very efficient to say the least.  When he needs to access information it’s always a flip of the page away.  Yes, I’ve had to warn him not to stack them on the ottoman at home.  If they tumbled over, they’d crush a small child.   Other than that, it’s an admirable system.  His binders indicate to me that he know’s his stuff.  I find that attractive…dare I say sexy?

So, for those of you who got all ruffled about a binder full of women’s resumes, listen here.  An organized man who gets stuff done…on time…with the all the information he needs right at his finger tips, is my kind of guy.

In fact, the only thing more attractive would be a man with a labelmaker

A girl can dream…you know?



Suggestion to the presidential campaigns who are courting women voters… 


Send your guy to the next debate with a label maker and a binder full of jobs.  That ought to work.  It’d definitely work for me! 









6 Comments on “ Binders Are Sexy? At Least in My House They Are! ”

  • Elise Buchhop | October 18th, 2012 12:59 pm

    Wow, and I always admired how organized you are! 🙂

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  • Kelly Masters | October 18th, 2012 1:43 pm

    As my children’s belongings trickle home from college, I find myself with boxes upon boxes of binders and text books. Im hoping soon they will inform me that I can dispose of them. I now know where I can recycle the binders!

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  • Lori Lavender Luz | October 18th, 2012 2:16 pm

    A binder full of job postings — would love to see that!

    I felt the same way you did. In our polarized political climate (the by-product of having a 2-party system, you don’t have to convince people to vote for YOU; you just have to convince people that the other guy is an idiot/jerk/socialist/corporatist/fanatic/evil mastermind.

    I so wish people would look beyond the two parties and not consider voting outside them “wasting their votes.”

    Go, Amazing BinderMan!

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  • Kristine Bailey Herr (Facebook Comment) | October 23rd, 2012 4:37 pm

    Love it! Too funny

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  • Brandi Schroeder-Walerius (Facebook Comment) | October 23rd, 2012 4:37 pm

    I knew I liked Sean. Binder Guy meet me, Binder Girl.

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  • Mary Schanberger Hennessy (Facebook Comment) | October 23rd, 2012 4:38 pm

    So funny, have you considered renting him out by the hour?? There’s a real need for his services

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