Changing Traditions…When An Old Tradition Gives Way to A New Day!

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Carolyn Savage

This year would have marked our fifteenth annual Savage family cookout.  Always held on July 3rd, it was a tradition born out of the simple fact that we’ve always lived in a home that had a stellar view of our local firework display.  The party started simple with forty-or-so friends…

July 3, 2003…our old house!

… borrowed card tables with plastic table clothes…

… burgers and dogs on the grill, and a pinata to entertain the little ones!


Over the years, however, the event morphed into quite a production complete with rented seating for 200 ….

…inflatable carnival toys,

July 2011

a band for our listening entertainment, and steaks and ribs for all!

It was a fun celebration (second only to Christmas according to Drew and Ryan), but a ton of work.   And that is where our current day reality collided with our long held tradition.  I just couldn’t see how I could pull off our regular soiree without officially losing my mind. 

So, in the interest of preserving what’s left of my mental health and emotional stability…

… we canceled.

And that’s been hard to accept.

I’m learning, however. Change happens.

August, 2011


Circumstances evolve as our lives unfold. 

April, 2012

Adjustment is required!

That’s part of life. 

The boys were disappointed when we told them we’d be foregoing the chaos of our annual blowout in favor of a smaller, more intimate get-together.  But the idea of hosting a handful of close family friends, appeased them.  Especially when I told them they could invite their friends, which was a gesture I may not have thought through all the way.  Drew issued an invite via Facebook which means my prep for tomorrow may be busier than I expected.

Regardless, our annual freedom celebration will look very different this year and I’m choosing to look at it in a positive light as the beginning of a new tradition.  One that, I hope, will leave me a little less frazzled, and a little more relaxed.

Happy Fourth of July to all of you!  I hope this holiday finds you in the company of good friends and great times!

3 Comments on “ Changing Traditions…When An Old Tradition Gives Way to A New Day! ”

  • debbie | July 2nd, 2012 4:19 pm

    Carolyn……….I did the same thing. Our house also is (or was.until the trees grewup) the best place for a big party. Never anything as extravagant as yours, but work and expense and lots of time nonetheless. This, because of scheduling issues , our annual vacation at Coldwater Lake happened to fall on July 7th. i woke up one night and asked myself how in the hell i would pull this off. And, i decided that July 3rd would not happen at our house this year. 2 major events in 3 days may have been doable in the day, but not anymore. And, funny thing. When announced I couldnt do it this year, my nephew got on the phone, called everyone and said he would do it as his house. Passing the torch may be hard to do, but I feel pretty darn proud. We started a family tradition that will go on for years to come. And, Matthew…………Thank you very much!!!!!!

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  • Christina Muntz Gore | July 4th, 2012 8:55 pm

    Hi, Carolyn! I hope this email finds you. I had the pleasure of meeting you and Sean at the Toledo Barnes and Noble on Monroe Street across from Westfield Franklin Park Mall. You were signing you book Inconceivable and I was so glad that I went with a friend to meet you both. I shared with you that I too was going through infertility hell with Dr. Karnitis and you advised me to know when enough is enough and when more needed to be done. Well, my husband Chris and I have had enough and we are adopting a child! We began paperwork and classes with Catholic Charities Family Connections program in late October 2011. We are almost finished with the homestudy and are hosting a benefit concert on July 14th at UT’s Center for Performing Arts Recital Hall. My mother has read your book and suggested that I invite you and your family simply because I think she wants to meet you and she thought you might be supportive of or journey. This is not a plea for assistance, simply WE WANT TO SHARE OUR STORY and we pray that the success you have had will rub off on us! The concert will feature Toledo Symphony Principal Harpist, Nancy Lendrim. She was my mentor through graduate school and she and I will be performing together. Please feel free to email, facebook friend me; the concert will begin at 5:30pm and should not be more than an hour. A reception will follow the concert. Thank you for your encouragement and continue to be blessed!

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