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Carolyn Savage

I remember when I first learned Sean’s family had a place in Vail.  At the time I was stoked.  You see, I grew up skiing and there’s no better place to ski in the States than somewhere (anywhere) in the Rockies.

Imagine my surprise when–much to my horror–he  explained that they only vacationed in  Colorado during the summer.

I remember thinking a couple of things at the time.  First, I wondered if his family was somewhat deft.  Who has a place in Vail and doesn’t ski?  Second, why would anyone travel to Colorado in the summer?  Summer is for beaches, boating and water.

Turns out I was the deft one.



I think this is where "Heidi" lives.

I think this is where “Heidi” lives  (with the ski patrol).

We ended up taking a short trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, this past weekend for a family wedding.  My cousin Jessica, the bride, lives in Denver and chose to celebrate her special day in the mountains.  We made it a special weekend with just Sean, MK and I.   What  a time the three of us had.




Every day we took the gondola up to mid-mountain which had been transformed into a summer wonderland for kids.


Putt-Putt, A Maze, Bouncy House and all kinds of summer activities for the kids!

Turns out, the folks at Breckenridge have it figured out.  Families could buy an activity pass for a little less (two dollars less–to be exact) than a day at the Magic Kingdom.  Pass holders could spend the whole day entertaining themselves on the various attractions and rides.  It was stunning how well thought out this mid-mountain destination was.  It was also stunning how expensive it was.  Thank goodness our crew gravitated towards the free attractions. free.

Summer snow…in Colorado…is free.


The wind-up…



MK couldn’t get over playing with snow in August!  Little did she know that a minute after our crew left this pile we’d see an eager playmate that was just a little late for a play date!



The red fox is quite common in Breckenridge. Tame little buggers they are!

Breckenridge sits at a fairly high elevation.  At 9600 feet at the base taking the chairlift up to 11,273 feet was a thrill!


And at the top a hike was waiting for us!


Seriously felt like busting out my best Julie Andrews rendition of "The Hills Are Alive".  I didn't.  You're welcome.

Seriously felt like busting out my best Julie Andrews rendition of “The Hills Are Alive”. I didn’t. You’re welcome.


Sean and I were impressed with Mary Kate’s stamina.  At 11,000+ feet it turns out that being five is better than being forty-something.  Nevertheless, we huffed and puffed our way up the alpine trail.

The pay-off!

The pay-off!

DSC_0047 DSC_0076

Of course, being there with my entire side of the family only added to the breathtaking experience. Turns out being with my people in Colorado is as stunning as the view (more on that portion of our trip to come).

I’ve learned summer trips to Colorado were somewhat underrated in my mind.  Even though I will always consider myself a water girl, I’m happy to learn there’s a little bit of mountain girl in my blood to boot.


"Luge-ing" down the mountain with MK!

“Luge-ing” down the mountain with MK!

Happy Monday!



So sorry for the technical glitch last week.  As readership continues to grow at  Mama on The Fly a few things are going to need to be tweaked around here.  Stay tuned for some changes coming our way.  

And thank you for taking part in our journey.  

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  • Teri | August 6th, 2013 8:29 am

    Those pictures are stunning!! I’m a beachy person myself so I understand where you’re coming from but it looks like it was well worth forgoing beach for that mountain view!! And what an awesome experience for MK~

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  • Karen | August 6th, 2013 8:59 am

    We played on that exact same snowmound last summer!! Love love love summer (and winter) in the mountains!

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