Craftastic Tuesday – Whimsical Holiday Wreath

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Carolyn Savage

After twenty years of marriage, and holiday home decor, some of our decorations are getting a little tired.  This year I filled two garbage bags with wreaths, wooden reindeer, half faded glass bulbs and other once trendy holiday items that needed to be retired.  Thus…I have a few blank spots this year.

Thank goodness Mary Vogel is back with this awesome, DIY holiday wreath!  I love it because it’s super light weight, and easy to put together!  So, if you, like me, have the need to fill in a few empty spots in your home, have at it.  I guarantee, you’ll love this when you are finished!


Happy December!

I know many of you of you may be done decorating for the holidays but if you’re like me, it’s still a work in progress! So I have a fun and easy (and quirky) wreath project for you that I think you will love!

 Rolled Mesh Wreath

Here’s what you need:

  • Two wide rolls of mesh – these can be the same or different colors. I will be showing how an all red wreath turned out over at my blog ( if you want to check it out.
  • A 12″ metal frame
  • At least 1 package of pipe cleaners. I got two, to match the colors of mesh I was using.
  • Scissors and something to measure with

(All of my products were purchased at Michael’s Arts and Crafts)

The first thing you need to do is cut sections of the mesh. I actually layered the green over the red and unrolled and cut the two layers together but they tend to scoot around when you have them together so try it and if it’s not working for you, cut each roll separately.

 You will want to measure the sections to be about 9-12″. They don’t have to be precise and if one piece is 9″ and the next piece is 12″ that’s ok. I tried to average about a 9-10″ piece and I ended up having just enough mesh from 2 rolls to finish the project.

Don’t worry of your cut ends are perfectly straight either – trust me, mesh is hard to cut evenly!


Once you have some sections cut, you will want to roll each piece, following the way the mesh was rolled in the package. The finished edges will be at the top and bottom of the rolled piece.

Once you roll a section, you want to pinch it in the middle. In order to keep it that way, I wrapped a pipe cleaner around the center and gave it one form twist. Then I rolled a second piece, pinched it in the center, untwisted the pipe cleaner and added the second roll and twisted that pipe cleaner once more to hold. Repeat with a third roll. If you want, you can do a fourth roll as well and pipe cleaner them all together but I found that three rolls was a good amount to work with.

Once you have three (or four) rolls together, tightly pinched together in the middle, twist your pipe cleaner good and tight. You can now set this piece aside and make another bundle. Once you have a few bundles set aside, you can start adding them to your metal frame.

 If you can see in the photo above how the frame is sectioned off, there are 4 circular “rings” and some cross pieces that divide the frame into sections. I added three bundles to each section, alternating which ring of the frame I was attaching the bundle to. So for instance, the first bundle was attached (using the pipe cleaner) to an inner ring, the next bundle attached to an outer ring and so on.

 Don’t get discouraged when you start adding these bundles to the frame! I wasn’t sure the finished project was going to look good when I was this far along but I trusted the process and I think the results….well, see for yourself:

Pretty fabulous, wouldn’t you say? All finished (and it took the entire two rolls of mesh. If you want yours even fuller, you might need an extra roll) the wreath measures approximately 26 inches across and if pretty deep – too deep to fit between my doors so I am hanging it on a door that does not have a screen, so as not to smash it. The mesh is weather proof so as long as it is mounted securely, there shouldn’t be any problems. (It is very lightweight so secure mounting is necessary so it doesn’t blow away!)

 I hope you enjoy this project and try one for yourself. Makes a great gift too!

Have a happy, crafty holiday!

 (For another look at directions for this wreath, see


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