Friends for Life

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Sean Savage

 Last night most of our high school gang gathered at a local wings and beer establishment to hang out and chatter about current events and, of course, the past.  Our common thread is that we all grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and attended St. Johns Jesuit High School.   and During those four high school years we formed bonds that have lasted.  Hard to imagine but we’ve all known each other for thirty years and despite our awareness of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we still like each other.

 On this occasion there was mostly celebratory news with Marty announcing he and Marianne were expecting in October.  Craig updated us on he and Jen’s baby due in June, as well.  I am adding to this “baby boom” with our twins on the way in August.   We started to plot placing our children on the same sports teams.  Craig and I know we are having daughters but Marty is holding out hope for a boy.  Momentum in our group is telling me it is a girl.  We will know in a few weeks.

 Of course, half of our conversations turn the clock back to the late 80’s and our sports exploits (and other exploits that I will not detail in a place my kids can read!).  The rivalry games against St. Francis are always dusted off and mentioned.  As usual, a dispute developed on whether we had been in the stands witnessing Start High School upset St. Francis High School or had our team bus not yet arrived.  Craig had to text our out-of-town friend, Greg, who is part of our high school gang to break the tie.   No luck as Greg had no idea.  I am sure we will discuss this issue a decade from now and still not have it resolved.

 At age eighteen we took a “team” photo at Marty’s cottage with seven of us present..  Two years ago, at Marty’s home, the team picture surfaced for the first time in twenty years.  After a few cocktails we realized everyone in that photo was present at this gathering.  We were now 38.  We decided to take another team photo that day and replicated positions and wardrobe.  Those shirtless in the photo at 18 had to be shirtless at age 38–by God’s grace I was wearing a shirt in the original shot.  I recently came across the age 38 photo  so I decided to have copies made of each picture for each “team member” and delivered them this evening.  The biggest laughs came from comparing the two shots.  There had clearly been a lot of change over the past twenty years. 

 Life has happened and will continue to happen to us.  We all carry a few more pounds and sport a little less hair.  None of us knows what good and bad stuff will come our way,, and we don’t even know if everyone will be present if we take a third team picture twenty years from now.  What I do know is there will be many times between now and then that we will gather for our two hour windows of laughter, jokes and story telling just like we did sitting around the lunch table during our high school years at  St. Johns Jesuit.

 Marty, Matt, Greg, Craig, and Wayne-Thank you for your friendship.  I hope everyone is blessed in life with such loyal friends.

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