Mothers Keep Us from Extinction

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Sean Savage

There is no greater calling than to be a mother.  If men had to carry and deliver children, extinction of the human race would be forthcoming.  As a man, I admit that I have no idea what women go through during pregnancy nor do I claim to have any concept of what it is like to deliver a child.  I simply know that if I was the one who had to assume these duties, I would say “check please” and we would be childless. Mother’s Day is such an important day to reflect upon the blessings of our own mothers and of the women in our lives that have sacrificed mightily in carrying, delivering and nurturing our children. Thank God for mothers!

 I am fortunate to have a mother who has certainly earned a high place in heaven for having and raising nine children.  Her ticket to eternity is surely punched based on the sheer number of children, but to know John, Kevin, Jeff, Scott, Brian, Patti, Kelly, Aaron and I, you understand the degree of difficulty was a “10”.  Did I mention none of us are multiples and we were all born within in a thirteen year window?  Every family has legendary stories about their mom and the power of her love for her children.  This is the time to share those stories.  I will never forget how special my mom would make my birthday from the moment I got up in the morning until the minute I put my head on the pillow that night.  The special breakfast, cake and presents were only surpassed by the love that went into the day.  I am reminded by her each birthday that my arrival time into this world was 3:00 A.M. which was less than convenient!   I guess the greatest gift we can give mom is grandchildren and a regular “thank you for life.”

 My admiration for the meaning of motherhood has multiplied in the past twenty eight months.  As I have watched my wife and best friend Carolyn honor motherhood by protecting and nurturing four innocent lives, I gained a better understanding of a woman’s calling to motherhood.  Moms everywhere dedicate so much of their time and energy to their children just as Carolyn does daily for our children.  I believe so many women would have made the same decision we did on February 16, 2009 simply because they are moms and respect the love that all mother’s have for their children. 

 Right now a very special woman is carrying two babies who will be delivered to us in August.  She is helping us fulfill a dream which seemed to dim over the past couple of years. Her name is Jennifer and she along with so many other special women gives new meaning to the concept of motherhood.  Jennifer will always be a special part of our family and Mothers Day will always be an incredibly special day in which we will honor her.

Each of our mothers gave us the ultimate gift of life.  In return, give Mom an incredible day this Mothers Day by remembering her in a special way.  Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!  Carolyn, Happy Mother’s Day!  Jennifer, Happy Mother’s Day!  Thank you to moms everywhere for keeping us from extinction!

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