One Eye on The Horizon and The Other on Now!

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Sean Savage

Today we are preparing for our second family birthday celebration in forty days. On August  11th Reagan and Isabella turned one and tomorrow Drew turns eighteen.  The contrast between their two parties is distinct with the twins’ being a huge parent celebration about “ surviving the first year” and Saturday being a “Holy sh*t!  Didn’t we just celebrate your first birthday, Drew?” added to, “you better not cancel out my vote in November”.  Actually, Reagan and Isabella’s first year seemed like five, while Drew’s eighteen have flown by in a blink.  Regardless, they are both celebrations on my parenting journey and as happy as I am, I’m taking pause today to issue my first of one hundred bits of advice. 


Isabella, 8-11-12



Reagan 8/11/12


Drew, age one, 9/22/95


Now is the time to enjoy.


Is there a greater blessing than right now? 


I know the fact that this statement is coming from  me—the same man who began saving for his kids’ college before they were conceived—is shocking.  But this is a do as I say, not as I’ve done kind of message.  I admit to having thought so much about the future that, at times, the present was merely a conduit to where I wanted to go.


I’m changing my ways.


Now, make no mistake.  I’m not totally dismissing the importance of being ready—planning for your futures is important.  But I also understand the importance of embracing the now and enjoying every second of the day.   Not only is happiness always around the bend, happiness is always in the moment!


Drew, age one, 9/22/95



What does embracing ‘now’ look like for me?


I try to come out firing on all cylinders in the morning.  As I enter the darkness of the twins’ bedroom, I sing a “good morning” song.  I want to make sure they are smiling at their first sight of daylight—even if it’s before daylight!  For Mary Kate, it means trying to match her over-the-top positive energy as she eagerly awaits even the most mundane activities like going to school, going to the grocery story, or going to get gas.   For Ryan and Drew, the moments I sit around the kitchen table with them each evening, recounting the day or debating a topic, have become precious.   I prefer they not melt away when they head to their rooms for studies, and me to my evenings. In-between the morning and evening, it means putting everything into serving my clients, the kids I coach, and the organizations I support.   


I’ve learned it’s the only way to live.


Drew, age ten, 9/22/04



Drew’s birthday party, 2005!


There was a time when I used to think when a person died they were done.   Now I understand that most people die while they are doing.  I hope and pray there will be a tomorrow but I know the only absolute guarantee in life is that some day tomorrow will not arrive. 


So what do I do with this understanding?


I believe I should live life with one eye on the horizon and other on the next step.


Drew, age 15, 2009 (two days before Logan was born!)


There are very few parents who have the blessing of celebrating a first and eighteenth birthdays of their children within the space of a month.   On Saturday evening our home will be alive with over thirty teenagers for a birthday celebration that I, for one, will embrace as it happens, knowing Sunday will probably come, but it’s never guaranteed.


Happy Birthday, Drew.  I can’t believe you are eighteen.  I’m so happy with the man you’ve become!  Your mom and I are waiting with baited breath to see where your life takes you.  I know it’s going to be magical! 


Drew with Anne Hathaway…couldn’t resist including it!


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  • marguerite | September 21st, 2012 5:57 pm

    I have a son turning 18 in April so I felt every word you wrote. It does go by in the blink that is for sure. BTW, how did Drew get a picture with Anne H.?

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  • Angela Bonner | September 29th, 2012 6:54 pm

    Very good!

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