Our House…A Baby Obstacle Course

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Sean Savage

I know I haven’t been around much lately.  Funny how my disappearance coincides with the births of our twin daughters.  Try to type with two bottles in your hands. Well, after my eight month hiatus, I’m coming up for air to share some observations.   

 Mary Kate, our four year old daughter and I play a game we call “run around”.   As the name suggests, in this game we run around chasing each other.  The game started out simply enough, but over the past nine months the skills required to play have been upped a notch.  Let me give you a visual of what playing “run around” looked like nine months ago versus what it looks like now.

 Nine months Ago – Mary Kate takes off from our family room, through the kitchen and down the hallway.  I’m chasing her.  She turns left, avoids the dining room table, heads back into the kitchen, around the island and returns to the family room. After going around the couches, we make it back to where we started.  A near sprint with a total of 15 seconds elapsing. All you could hear was our laughing and yelling “run around, run around.”

Last Night – I take off from the family room with Mary Kate chasing me.  Immediately the jumperoo, which is noise sensitive, goes off sounding like a carnival of sorts.  After first five steps, I cut to my left, avoiding not one but two swings. As we enter the kitchen there are two excersaucer obstacles to avoid with a hard pivot to the right.  As we pass, Reagan and Isabella shriek with excitement and start hitting buttons which causes circus-like music to begin playing and neon lights to start blinking.  It looks like the lights in a Vegas casino.  As we head down the hallway, each step brings squeaky noises from stuffed animals being trampled. We hang a left into the former dining room, which is now the “overflow baby inventory” room, and are forced down on all fours to navigate tumultuous terrain. We’re back on our feet in the kitchen and after avoiding the island we hurdle two high chairs trying to avoid the applesauce residue that could cause us to slip.  . Returning to the jumperoos in the family room, we are exhausted and fall back into a rocking chair, only to set off a siren symphony with our first rock back, as a button is pushed on a toy under the chair. Time elapsed: 62 seconds.

 I would not trade it for the world.

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  • Heather C. | May 9th, 2012 7:56 am

    Giggle … awwww the joys of parenthood. Thanks for sharing!

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