Easy, Finger-Licking Babyback Ribs

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Carolyn Savage

This week on the 101.5 The River Rick, Mary Beth and I talked Fourth of July food and festivities.

I think the love I have for this holiday stems from the fact that I spend many of my childhood “Fourths” in Canada.  Of course, I have nothing against Canada, but obviously, the Fourth of July in Canada is simply 7-4.  So, when this American kid realized that there is a holiday in July in her native country…well…she was never going to let another one pass without being an all-out American.

Anways, this year Sean and I are once again forgoing our traditional huge bash for a more intimate dinner party with a few close friends.  We are hosting and if I didn’t serve these ribs…I’d hear about it.  I learned to make babybacks one year long ago when I got a bit ambitious with menu planning for our annual Fourth of July party.  Over the past decade I have the process down to a science and I’m happy to report it’s easy.  So, as my American readers are headed into our national barbecue holiday, I thought it might be timely to pass on my no fail, easy-peasy recipe that yield restaurant quality, meat fallin’ off the bone ribs.  Turns out, many people are intimidated by cooking these delicacies.  Neither Rick or Mary Beth had ever given them a try… which is a shame because my recipe is simple and most of it can be done ahead of time.

So here you go.  I hope some of you give it a whirl!



Easy, Finger-Licking Baby Back Ribs


  • slab of baby back ribs   As many slabs as you need.  I actually cut mine during the cooking process which allows them to go a little bit further on the buffet table.  If it is a small group and the only main dish you are serving figure half a slab per person.  I’ve done up to 27 slabs in preparation for the bashes we threw during our younger years.  They can easily be cooked 12 slabs at a time stacked on top of each other in the oven.
  • barbecue rub –  I use Weber’s Tangy barbecue rub.  You can use whatever one you want or make your own from this nifty recipe from allrecipes.com.  
  • barbecue sauce –  I use Sweet Baby Ray’s Original Recipe.  You can use whatever brand or version you like or make your own from this recipe from allrecipes.com.  
  • Reynolds Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • non-sticke vegetable oil spray


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. De-membrane each slab of ribs.  If you don’t know how to do this, watch an instructional video here.  Do not skip this step.  Very important to taste!   
  3. Once membrane is removed, generously apply dry rub to both sides of ribs. 



  4. (You can skip this step if wish.  I always do this to make my ribs stretch a little further on the buffet.)  Meat side down, cut ribs in between each bone so they are individual riblets.
  5. Tear three pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil a few inches longer than each slab of ribs.  Place one piece  shiny side up on counter.  Spray shiny side with non-stick vegetable oil spray.
  6. If you’ve cut the ribs, put them back together in the shape of slab and place slab on top of sprayed heavy duty aluminum foil.
  7. Seal ribs in sprayed foil, then use the additional two pieces of foil to triple wrap each slab.DSCN0014
  8. Place in 300 degree oven for 2 1/2 hours.
  9. Remove ribs from foil and place on cookie sheet, baking pan, etc., and generously brush them with barbecue sauce.  (*see note below)
  10. Char them on grill over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.  Enough time to get a good char.  (They are already cooked, so you are simply getting the char with this step.)

Serve warm.

*  I do steps 1-9 the day before and place in fridge until ready to re-heat and char on grill.


Boo Yah! You are a rib master.

You’re welcome!

Happy Fourth!


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