For The Love Of God…Lighten Up Mamas!

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Carolyn Savage

Sarah Maizes Take On Detachment Parenting

Have you ever met a mom who needs a drink?  That takes every little decision she makes about parenting so seriously that she sucks the oxygen out of a room–or online community–by her mere presence?  I ran across a large number of these types today on the Today Moms website.  These poor souls seem to have missed the OBVIOUS satire in Sarah Maizes’ tongue-and-cheek post about “Detachment Parenting”.  The comments against attachment parenting, in defense of attachment parenting, against detachment parenting, in defense of detachment parenting, left me shaking my head. Who in their right mind would think the author is truly trying to advocate a parenting style in this post? Maizes’ post was not only hysterical, but was also meant to illustrate the ridiculousness of mamas judging other mamas parenting styles.  Good God, women, lighten up…have a drink…do something that may reconnect you (or connect you for the very first time) with your sense of humor.

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