Fall’s Upon Us…Let The Decorating Begin!

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Yesterday I hinted that we have a new contributor to Mama On The Fly and I couldn’t be happier about it!  Not only is Mary Vogel a crafter/party planner/magical paper folder extraordinaire, she’s also a mama with a lot of experience!  I love that she can not only rock Hobby Lobby’s aisles to come up with beautiful DIY projects like the one below, but she also is word to the wise when it comes to managing husbands and juggling kids!  She has extensive experience with it all, and how lucky are we that she’ll be sharing her tips and tricks here at Mama On The Fly?

Mary will eventually have her own page at Mama On The Fly, but in the meantime (while we wait eagerly for our web designer to emerge after a ten day vacay…yup…ten days!  Remind me to come back as a web designer!)  her first and very impressive project is here…front and center…to motivate you into the halls of your local crafting store so you can whip up a duplicate and spice up your fall decorating!  So enjoy…and be grateful because if it wasn’t for Mary, I’d be scaring you with craptastically horrid attempts at fall crafts.  No one should be exposed to my glue gun/soup can failed decor.


So, without further ado…Welcome Mary!





Burlap Fall Centerpiece by Mary Vogel

Fall is in the air and signals the start of a beautiful decorating season for your home. This simple to assemble centerpiece can be created in about 2 hours and can later be disassembled for storage. Here’s what you need to get started:


All products were purchased at Hobby Lobby. More details on where to find each item in the store is at the bottom of the post.

  • 3/4 yd. burlap
  • Jar with hinged lid
  • 2 branches of leaves with berries
  • 1 branch of gold “cattails”
  • 1 package of Petaloo decorative pins
  • 1 Cranapple felt piece
  • Double stick tape or other double sided adhesive
  • Floral styrofoam circle to fit jar

You will also need the following:



  • White glue
  • A couple of pins
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Tape measure or yardstick
  • Leaf pattern   (you can find a link to the leaf pattern at the bottom of this post)


Okay let’s get started!

I chose this specific jar because of the size and shape of it but I didn’t want the lid to be used so in order to remove the lid, we need to do a little work. If you wish to leave the lid on, you may do so – it will open and bend down along the outside of the jar if you want to keep it attached. To remove the lid, look along the hinged side for this piece of metal:




Take your pliers and pry it apart at the break like so:



Now all of the metal lid hardware will remove. Set your jar aside for now and grab your burlap. The piece will be folded in half and we don’t need the entire piece so cut along the fold to create 2 pieces.



Set one piece aside for a future project. Burlap is really “in” right now so you are sure to find a use for it later! Now we need to measure and create a piece of burlap that is 20 x 20″. *If you purchased a different jar than what I am using, you may need to cut a bigger or smaller square of burlap. To determine the size you need, place the jar in the center and then pull the sides of the burlap up along the side of the jar. The burlap should overhang the top of the jar by about 1 1/2 inches.


Now we are going to create fringe around all four sides.




Just pull the threads along the edges to fringe. Save the pieces you are pulling out. You will want your fringe to be about 3/4″ – 1″ deep.




Now we’re going to wrap the jar. Place the jar in the center and to help, place some double stick tape to each side of the jar toward the top. I found that the tape doesn’t hold as well as I had hoped so this portion of the project is also a lot easier if you have an extra set of hands to help you. I did manage to get it done without help but it was a bit tricky. Here’s what you need to do. First, grab 4 long burlap strands that you just pulled out of the piece and have them ready for tying. Start with one edge of the burlap square and bring it straight up the side of the jar to the top edge (remember, it will overhang the top edge a bit). See photo below:




You will need to repeat this process on each side. When all 4 sides are brought up, you will have corner sections that will stick out. Here’s where the other set of hands comes in handy. Each corner needs to be flattened and brought up to the jar’s top edge. The points of the corners will stick up higher than the sides and that’s ok. See the photo below to get an idea of how this looks:




Once the corners are pulled up, they will hide the straight edges that you pulled up around the sides of the jar in the first step. Grab your strands of burlap you set aside, wrap around the jar at the neck and tie in a tight double knot. Your jar is now wrapped and ready.


Let’s add our floral pieces. Your piece of floral foam can be dropped into the jar.





We won’t be adhering it – it is just there to give a little extra stability to the floral stems. Start with one of the tall leaves/berries branches and bend the long stem at a place that will create the right height for the jar.




Once you have a height to your branch that you like, you can cut the excess section of branch away. To do this, I simply use my scissors, start a cut where I want it, and then bend the branch back and forth until it breaks. Add this branch to the jar, inserting it into the styrofoam. This first branch should be placed toward the back side of the jar (the front is where your burlap strings are tied in a knot. Now repeat this process with the cattail branch, placed near the center of the jar and the last leaf branch toward the front. I cut a little of the very top section of the 2nd leaf branch off as I didn’t like the additional height. The piece you chop off can be strategically placed into the arrangement at the end of you find a spot that you think needs a little “extra”.


If you want, you can also add a few bare branches to your arrangement, as I did here. I simply got a few twigs from my yard but you can also purchase bare branches at Hobby Lobby, if you prefer. The leaves and the cattails are all pretty pliable and can be bent and twisted around on their stems so you get the look you want.


At this point, all of your arrangement is together and looks great! But let’s dress it up just a bit more. Using the leaf pattern below, cut out the leaf and pin it to your piece of felt. Cut out 2 leaves from your felt.  You can get the leaf pattern here. 





Use another section of discarded burlap string and glue a piece for a vein down the center of each leaf. If you like, you can add more that a single vein by following the placement of veins on the pattern.




Use one of the decorative pins and slide through the stems of the two leaves and into the burlap jar wrap, right under the knot.




And that’s it! Here is what the completed centerpiece looks like:




But wait, there’s more! In addition to this rustic fall arrangement, you can also use your extra burlap and felt to create accessories. (These products are not listed in the purchasing information as this is optional to the project).


I purchased two candles in the Christmas area of Hobby Lobby and made wraps for them to match my centerpiece. I cut two strips of burlap 12 x 4 (for the taller candle) and 12 x 3 1/4. I fringed the edges, wrapped around the candles and tied with a length of burlap string. I made a couple of additional leaves that were also tied on (by tying around the stem of each leaf.


And even more! Using two pieces of burlap that measure 8 x 2, I repeated the same process as I used for the candles to create napkin rings! Here are the additional accessories:





I purchased a shallow tray to place my centerpiece and candles on and will use the napkins with my place settings. Here is a final picture of everything together:




I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and get creative this Fall with burlap decor in your home!

Product details:

Jar was found with glassware in the back of the store with mason jars, etc. Here is the label on the bottom of the jar:




The decorative pins can be found in the scrapbooking aisles.

The felt is found at the back of the store in the general craft/children’s crafts aisles. Here is the label on the felt:



The floral branches were found in the floral section, near the display stands that showcase finished arrangements. Here is a close-up of the branches I used but you can always switch them out for others:




The floral styrofoam is also found in the floral department.


Burlap is purchased by the yard in the fabric department.




The winner of the Nose Frida from last week’s post about Lullaby Lane will be announced in tomorrow’s post about the Gust Pumpkin Farm.  In the meantime to find more of my craftiness or if you are in need of party planning assistance in northwest Ohio, please visit me at  http://www.petite-party.net! 


Now get crafting! 





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  • Sandra | September 18th, 2012 6:41 pm

    Gorgeous Mary! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  • Mary Vogel | September 18th, 2012 11:21 pm

    Thanks Sandra! I hope you have a chance to make one for yourself!

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  • Lori Ray | September 19th, 2012 9:58 am

    Adoreable. Love the napkin rings! Going to definitely give this one a try!

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  • Lisa | September 19th, 2012 10:15 am

    I love the napkin rings. The Ctr. piece might be over my head, but I can defintitely do the napkin rings. What a great idea!

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  • Mary Vogel | September 20th, 2012 5:45 pm

    Jump in and give the centerpiece a try – I promise, it really is easy!

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