A Pumpkin Farm

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Carolyn Savage

So, fall blew in on Tuesday night.  No really.  It did.  A giant gust of wind came out of nowhere and scattered our patio furniture all over the lawn and like that….wah lah…the temps grew crisper, the angle of the sun changed, and fall descended upon our little part of the world.  In addition to having to run all over the lawn to retrieve furniture, two of our potted dragonfly begonias took a tumble on our front porch.  Normally I’d try and salvage them, but seeing as how it’s time to embrace the amber and gold of the season, I tossed the plants in our compost pile, and set off to our favorite pumpkin patch to pick out our first batch of fall decor.


I’ve been taking my kids to Gust Brothers Pumpkin farm since Drew was three.  It was then that I discovered this quaint little farm that is nestled just about a mile north of the Michigan/Ohio border, and only an eight minute drive from our home.  Back then there were a few animals and a lot of pumpkins, however, over the past fifteen years, the farm has grown to be the ultimate autumn destination for northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan families. 


From the newly constructed bunny barn…





Notice…Reagan is eating the wood. You’ll see it’s a theme throughout this visit!


to the old fashioned barn full of cows…




and piglets…




and two of the funniest goats you ever did meet….



Hey…who has got my ears?



Hey…stop that you guys!



Mums at the very best prices…


That is a bargain, folks!


A barn full of crafts….



and lines and lines of pumpkins…



in every size imagineable…


Hmmm…wonder what Reagan’s thinking?


Oh, God! No Reagan…


Too late…



And although the pumpkins aren’t finger lickin’ good, Gust Brothers Farm is a special family tradition.  We love it so much, we go at least once a week to run and play…




to snuggle…




and to soak up every ounce of fall.


 So, for those of you in our neck of the woods…don’t miss out.  It’s free to the public, but priceless because of the memories!


Happy Fall.




More information about Gust’s Pumpkin Farm and directions can be found on their website here.  You can also find them on facebook here.




Hopefully we’ll bump into you there!



She’ll be the one year old licking the pumpkins!




The winner of last week’s giveaway of the Nose Frida from Lullaby Lane was…drumroll please…Rana Huston!  Her comment…

One of my favorite baby items is old fashioned burp cloths. My husband actually made some for our daughter. They were soft flannel on both sides with a double batting in the middle. They work so much better than the thin things they sell now. They actually do a pretty good job at keeping your shoulder dry, even if baby spits up. Another item I have my eye on for our new baby due in May is the pram that was shown at Lullaby Lane. I had one for my oldest daughter and loved it. She is now 27 and a mom of 3 herself, but I think I would love one to take our little one for walks next summer! Thank you!!


Rana, just send me your address, and I’ll ship you the best darn snot sucker a mom could ever have!  Congrats!  (Use the contact us button on the home page of this blog!)

3 Comments on “ A Pumpkin Farm ”

  • Kelly Masters | September 20th, 2012 8:08 am

    I love the Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm, I’ll be there with my grandchildren soon.

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  • Teri | September 21st, 2012 11:49 am

    This gave me such a smile! What a beautiful way to spend the day and what a beautiful family!! Loved the goats picking on Reagan and your oldest cuddling the bunnies. Too sweet!!


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  • Alicia Duggan | September 21st, 2012 3:31 pm

    We went up to Gust Farm for the first time last year. Love it! Most photogenic farm I’ve ever seen. You got some great shots too!

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