Kindness in The Face of Stupidity…My Stupidity!

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Carolyn Savage

Have you ever had a stupid moment play out in front of a stranger?  The kind of situation where you have that “oh sh*t” moment of “I can’t believe I just did/said that” and the ensuing seconds render no way out other than to “own it”  and hope you never, ever see the witness again? 

I have.

More often than I care to admit!

One of my more memorable came outside a local sub shop.  I was in a hurry (I know…you’re shocked), juggling my take-out, while trying to gain entry to my car.  Standing there in the parking lot, I was frantically pushing the unlock button on my keyless remote, growing more and more annoyed that my car wouldn’t cooperate. 


Was I at the right van?


I peered through the windows and confirmed, after seeing the five hundred french fries that litter my back seat (my husband swears I could feed a small third world country from the dried up, encrusted remnants of Happy Meals embedded in the floor mats and every crevice of my car), that it was, indeed, my vehicle.  Still, the locks wouldn’t engage. 

So, in all my geniousness, I pushed the button harder…from many different angles.  I stood in the back of the car, the front of the car, each side of the car, held the remote above the car, below the car…to no avail.   

My damsel-in-distress appearance must have been obvious to the construction worker who happened upon the scene.  “Can I help you?”

To which I irritantingly replied, “I can’t get into my car because my remote won’t work and I’m late and my son is waiting for me!  I hate this friggin….”

But before I could finish…

        …he took my keys from my hand…

               …put my KEY in the lock…

                                …turned it….

                                           …and, miraculously,

                                                    …unlocked my door.


Play that one off, Carolyn!

I don’t know exactly what I said to him after he saved me, other than muttering thank you, and mentioning that I was going straight home to resign from Mensa before my membership was revoked. 

To which, he smiled and kindly replied, “Aw, don’t worry about it.  You have a lot of car seats in there.  I bet you don’t get much sleep.”

Driving away, nursing my bruised ego, I thought about the way my knight-in-shining armor responded to my moment of…well…stupidity.  He could have put me to shame with a snide remark or sarcastic quip.  I deserved it.   Instead, he recognized my embarrassment, and tried to make me feel better by compassionately making an excuse for my inability to see the obvious. 

In a world where so many make fun of others at every opportunity, it was nice not to be the butt of his joke.  He greeted my stupidity with kindness, which is something I don’t always do.  (Case in point, my mythical book, about my husband.)  I could learn a thing or two from this nice stranger. 

Kindness in the face of stupidity. 

A concept worth a try!

…the car door

2 Comments on “ Kindness in The Face of Stupidity…My Stupidity! ”

  • Sarah | July 6th, 2012 1:38 pm

    Oh, I hate those kind of moments. Bless the man for not making you feel worse. In all fairness though, 2 of our vehicles don’t have places to use a key to unlock the door, you have to use the fob. This has posed. A problem recently because their is a short in the driver’s side door of our truck which means it wont unlock with the fob. I was wishing for a keyhole the day that I discovered that.

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  • Carolyn Savage | July 6th, 2012 10:53 pm

    It was a blessing. Kindness always is!

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