Life’s Moving On! My Thoughts on Contributing for Today Moms

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Carolyn Savage

I love to write.  It’s therapeutic for me.  I guess that’s why it was a natural step (after a very  unnatural order of events) to pen a book about my unusual pregnancy with Logan.  Since the book, I’ve continued writing about our lives.  Some of it serious, most of it tongue and cheek.  I like sharing.  It helps me make sense of the chaos that unfolds around me every day! 

That being said, I was very flattered when the editors at Today Moms/MSNBC offered me a freelance contributor contract.   I’d written for them before, but most of my posts were in conjunction with a personal  appearance on the Today Show.   How nice it will be to write about something other than embryo mix ups and infertility issues! 

Life is moving on!

The contract won’t change anything in our “bottom line”.  But it means a lot to me that someone, who knows what they’re doing, thinks my writing is worth a paycheck!

My first post for them went up today!  You can read it here! 

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  • Lori Lavender Luz | June 11th, 2012 4:10 pm


    I mean, to Today Moms/MSNBC — for snagging you!

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