Love This…Celebrating the Little Moments…and The Big Ones Too!

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Carolyn Savage



Do you ever wonder what a baby is thinking?  What their little minds are pondering as they stare at a blade of grass, or a flower on a picnic blanket?

It always amazes when the smallest of details catches Reagan’s or Isabella’s attention.   Usually it’s something that I’ve overlooked—or ignored as insignificant—but captures them, breeding focus and concentration that is amazingly adult-like.  In their young lives every moment holds significance.  Every experience gives way to a new adventure.  Even a mundane walk to the mailbox gives way to shear joy. 

This past week held many new moments for the girls.  Although they weren’t milestones, they were moments worth harnessing.

Because the littlest things are just as important as the milestones. 

But the milestones are big too…

Milestones so big, they cause us to fall to our knees with pride,

disbelief and thanksgiving.

So this holiday weekend, we are celebrating the big accomplishments…

and the smallest of smiles!

Because we are grateful for all of them! 

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