Happy First Day (and an HLN appearance!)

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Carolyn Savage

First days of school are big in our house.  We’ve celebrated them for as long as I can remember.  Ryan’s first day was extra special.  He was so proud to follow his big brother onto the school bus.

Ryan’s first day of kindergarten, 2002.

And so totally irritated to learn that Sean had followed the bus so he could walk Ryan to his  classroom!

“Go away, Dad!” Ryan, 2002

As the boys have grown they’ve lost their enthusiasm for the first day!   That’s what happens when high school hits.  I’ve tried to make them stand still for a picture, but they’ll have nothing to do with it.  I guess that’s why I threw all my first day excitement at MK this year!  I’ve learned to soak up these special days, as there will come a time when they won’t be so thrilled to head back into the classroom!

So this morning we got up extra special early, as we had quite the to-do list. 

First hair…

with a bow…

Then smiles on the front porch…

There was a lot of excitement as we headed to her new school! 


There were old friends to be hugged…

Mary Kate and her long lost school friend reuniting a few days before classes began!

 And new friends to be made…

MK and a new classroom friend, Grace!

I couldn’t be more excited for her to take on the adventures of school.  As a pre-primary student in one of the most innovative school’s I’ve ever seen, I know a world of possibilities lay at her feet. 

So here’s to a new school year!  Let the learning begin! 


Speaking of Back-to-School….

I’ll be appearing this evening on HLN at 5:15 eastern time to talk back-to-school tips with a national audience.  Tune in or DVR if you can!  I’ll post a link to the appearance below when it’s available

Read the post I wrote for HLN here! 

2 Comments on “ Happy First Day (and an HLN appearance!) ”

  • Cindy T | August 23rd, 2012 2:34 pm

    So mom did you cry all the way home? I did with each child. And yes I was one of those parents who followed the bus the first day. Each first with each child are very special. Hope she enjoyed her day and you yours.

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  • Carolyn Savage | August 27th, 2012 8:48 am

    Hi Cindy…Believe it or not, no! I don’t know if it’s because I taught or administrated for so long, but dropping my kids at school only excites me about the possibilities that lay ahead for them. I know they are being exposed to experiences that I couldn’t possibly provide them with at home.

    Now…let’s talk dropping them at college…and that’s a whole other ball game! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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