Love This…Ohio High School Runner Carries Competitor Over Finish Line…Must Watch!

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Carolyn Savage

Hats off to Meghan Vogel’s parents.  They’ve done a great job! 

During the Ohio High School State Track Championship this past Saturday, Meghan was in last place in her 3200 race.  Apparently, after winning the 1600 earlier in the day, she didn’t have much gas left  in her tank.  Towards the end of the race, she noticed a competitor was faultering twenty yards from the finish line.  Instead of blowing by her, she stopped and helped her fellow runner across the line to the applause of everyone in attendance.


Seems that Meghan’s mom and dad have done a super job at instilling compassion and kindness in their daughter!  They should be very proud! 

Watch video of finish here!

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