Love This…The Silver Lining in Difficult People

AUTHOR: | POSTED: May 9, 2012 | COMMENTS: 1 Comment
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Carolyn Savage

I’ve know them.  You know them.  These are people who suck the oxygen from the room the minute they enter it.  I used to tiptoe around people like this.  I don’t anymore.  Instead, I try not to take their bait, ignore their rants, and look for the silver lining that I know God placed in their souls.  They all have them.  Imagine how much happier they’d be if they could see their own silver lining?

One Comment on “ Love This…The Silver Lining in Difficult People ”

  • Kim B. | May 11th, 2012 9:50 pm

    LOVE this!! What a great reminder to try & look beyond the outside & pull out what we know they are hiding on the inside. Instead of frowning back, I’m going to try to smile 🙂

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