Love This…Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for The Rest of Us!

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Carolyn Savage

Last night I tripped over a friend on my Twitter page.  (Yes…I Tweet..well, more like Twit.  I don’t quite get the Twitter thing yet, but I’m trying.)  Anyways, Mary Ann Zoellner was the very first” big time” tv producer we met after the story about my pregnancy with Logan went public.  She works for the Today Show, and  in September 2009 she arrived at our home with a smile on her face and some much needed comical levity.  I liked her instantly!

Turns out she’s an author.  Actually a coauthor of an upcoming book entitled, “Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for The Rest of Us”.  The topic of the book resonated with me as I had a few sh*tty mom moments over the weekend (Uh…MK ate popcorn and oatmeal cookies for dinner on Friday night.  Apparently I was too distracted at Drew’s track meet to remember to feed my third child who took matters into her own hands.)

Anyways, I wanted to pass along the link to the hilarious Sh*tty Moms book trailer.  Prepare to laugh.  Watch it here!

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