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Carolyn Savage

Feeling lucky today.

I’m feeling lucky because I’m not at home dealing with the cold, snow and last few days of one of the most hellish winters on record.  Instead, I’m warm…inside and out.  When our plane touched down last week in sunny south Florida there was a collective release of winter frustrations.  The flight was uneventful so the applause that engulfed the cabin had nothing to do with the pilot’s skillful landing and everything to do with an escape.  Mary Kate put it best when she looked out the window at the sunshine and palm trees and yelled, “There’s not a pinch of snow anywhere.

Amen, little girl.  Amen.

We spent the first few days of our hiatus with my parents.  We had four days filled with cake baking, cinnamon bun rolling, dolphins in the back yard canal and trips to the park. It was heavenly.

Sean and Ryan joined us on Saturday and we moved our brood to a condo on nearby Sanibel Island.  Sean and I honeymooned here nearly twenty-one years ago and over the past two decades this place has burrowed into our lives as an annual escape.  Never has the escape been more needed than this year.  Even the Floridians seem to sense how weary us northerners are.  We must have a look about us.  One that screams, “Help me.  I’m frozen.

So, yes.  On this day of Irish blessings I feel lucky.  I realize not everyone can escape.  If only…

Playing at the short sleeves.

Playing at the park…outside…in short sleeves.



Cooperating briefly.

Cooperating briefly.




Spring break dance.

Spring break dance.

She doesn't care who's watching.

Like no one’s watching…except…everyone’s watching.  She doesn’t care.

Jammie beach walk.

Jammie beach walk.


Moth to flame, just like her mother.

Moth to flame, just like her mother.





In case you are worried I just broadcasted to the entire world that my family is out of town allow me assure you our home is safe.  It’s being guarded by a wonderful friend and her family who are using the opportunity to vacate their home during a kitchen remodel.  Ever try to feed a family of five with no serviceable cooking space?  Exactly.  Mi casa es su casa.  

What are friends for?













3 Comments on “ Lucky ”

  • Kathy | March 17th, 2014 5:50 pm

    I am so jealous of, I mean happy for, you! I love that you can express how lucky you feel, especially on this St. Patrick’s Day. Thank you for sharing all of this, especially those beautiful photos of your girls and that very special place.

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  • Teri | March 18th, 2014 10:05 am

    Looks like the girls are having a blast! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!

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  • Jen | March 25th, 2014 8:50 am

    What a welcome respite from the cold and what a blessing to your kitchen remodeling friends.

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