Nutritional Cookies Instead of …Well, Junk (and a yummy give away)!

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Carolyn Savage

First I must say, I feel a little wrong writing this post right now.  You see, I’m about to write a post about the best damn cookies I’ve ever had that are also nutritional while buzzing on candy corn bark.  Let me say, that if I ate candy corn bark every day of the week (or more likely more than twice a year) I’d probably be a Type 2 Diabetic .  A reasonable hypothesis given the fact that candy corn bark (recipe here) is basically candy corn smothered in white chocolate with peanuts.  The only thing worse would be deep fried candy corn bark.  (Making a mental note about the possibilities…but I digress.)

Halloween is for candy.

Other days are not.  In fact, we do our best to limit sugar intake in our home which is unbelievably challenging given the strength of Sean’s sweet tooth and is apparently genetic.  My kids like dessert.  I don’t like feeding them crap.  This poses a mommy-dilemma.

Enter Among Friends.

I was first introduced to Among Friends baking mixes by my friend Suzie, who happens to be the co-owner.  At the time I didn’t even know Suzie had a job other than wrangling her three kids and hyper-active husband.  (Brian and Sean were cut from the same cloth.)

Sue and I, August 2012!

She gave me a few mixes as a hostess gift after our Fourth of July party, and as soon as I baked up my first batch we were hooked.  The first thing I liked was the fact that it was a mix.  I didn’t have to buy flax seed, oats, whole wheat pastry flour, etc. which can be expensive.  Second, it was incredibly convenient.  Add a few ingredients of your own, and wah-lah..healthier home baked cookies.

Over the past four years, Among Friends has expanded their business.  Based out of Ann Arbor (where all great things organic come from), they are currently available in Whole Foods throughout Michigan, the Andersons in northwest Ohio, and Sautters in Sylvania.  The product is yummy and as mothers are getting more health conscious every day, Among Friends is a welcome addition to our busy household with discerning taste buds.  My personal favorite are the CJ’s ChocoCrinkles, and Suzie-Qs Chocolate Chip.  Yum.

To learn more about Among Friends products, visit their website here!

Among Friends Baking Mix Give Away!


I’m curious.  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve about making a traditional recipe healthier?  Please share your tricks and the winning comment will receive a basket of Among Friends baking mixes!  Winner will be announced next Wednesday, November 7th!

Now do tell….


 Last Week’s Sautters Gift Certificate Give Away Winner

The winner from last week’s fake cooking post comment give away was Peggy!

Been lurking for several weeks, now I have to comment:My favorite fake cooking involves potlucks at work — I never know what to bring, I don’t have a lot of potluck-worthy recipes & if I do have the recipe, I don’t have the ingredients !!!I found that Mrs. Kroger & Mrs. Anderson (and Mrs. FoodTown, in the old days) will fill your casserole/serving dish with their products so it looks like you made it. I used to try to guess how much a dish would hold, and often couldn’t pull it off. Now I take in the dish, they weigh it, fill it & charge me the difference !!!

Totally brilliant.  How did I never think of this?  Peggy, email me your address at the contact Carolyn and Sean button on the bottom of the home page and the gift certificate for Sautters will be on its merry way!  And…so glad you came out of lurkdom!  I’m so happy you’re here!


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