Ode to Amy Robach: How She Told Our Story with Class, While Turning Sean into A 14 Year Old.

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Carolyn Savage

Sean and Amy...with me in between! February 2011

     Amy Robach is a fox—so says my husband.  Do I have a problem with this?  Under normal circumstances—no, but watching my husband drool all over her while I was nine months pregnant with the wrong baby, well…I found that slightly irritating.  I wasn’t irritated with her, of course.  She was cool.  What amazed me however, was how she managed to turn my husband into a fourteen year old, in about one-hot-minute. 

     When our story about my pregnancy with the genetic child of another couple went public, Amy Robach arrived at our home to tape an exclusive interview for the Today Show.  That was a big deal.  I watch the Today Show religiously, so I knew who she was.  Sean didn’t, which is why I think he practically ran into our kitchen table when he met her for the first time.  Annoying.

      It’s not like I can’t appreciate the beauty of another woman.  I’m all for every mama working her hotness, but when I’m wearing ugly maternity clothes, feeling like a beached whale, carrying the genetic child of someone else thanks to an IVF blunder—well—it probably wasn’t the best time for my idiot husband to go all “gaga” in front of me.  He was putty in her hands.

     Case in point, right before the interview began, Sean and I ran upstairs to for a last minute primp.  As I blotted my face with my Covergirl compact, I looked at Sean, who was sweating.

Me        Hey…you’re kind of shiny.  Can I put some powder on your face?

Sean      What?? Hell no!! I’m now wearing make-up.

Me         It’s just this Covergirl pressed powder.  There’s lots of lights down there.  Are you sure?

Sean      Jesus, Carolyn!  I’m not wearing make-up.

Me         Suit yourself.

      Fast forward ten minutes.  We are seated in our family room, Amy in front of us and tape is starting to roll when Amy suddenly flings up her hand and says, “Hold on a minute!” 

      Everyone relaxes wondering what she’s doing when  Amy leans over, grabs her purse and pulls out the exact same Covergirl compact.  She gingerly leans towards Sean and says, “Sean!  Do you mind if I put a little powder on you?  You’re a little shiny!”…To which my macho-man husband, who only a few minutes earlier vehemently refused my make-up application, leans his cheek ever so gently toward her hand and replies, “Sure!  If you think I need it.”

How I didn’t haul off and punch him in that moment I will never know.

      Amy had quite an effect on Sean.  He actually suggested we name one of our twins after her, declaring we should name them after the two of the best-looking reporters we talked to.  That would have rendered the girls, Amy and Ally (after Ally Langdon from Sixty Minutes Australia who can be seen here).  In addition, Sean and our attorney (and Sean’s close friend, Marty Holmes) have reminisced about their afternoon with Amy many, many times.  You see, Marty turned into a star struck fourteen year old too, which shocked me a bit.  Considering who his sister is, I figured Marty might be better at holding it together around famous people who are beautiful—I was wrong.

     In all serious, we couldn’t have enjoyed our time with Amy more.  She and her Today Show producer, Mary Ann Zoellner, handled our interview with compassionate sensitivity which reassured us that we had placed our story in the hands of the very best.

      This morning, Amy announced that she would be leaving the Today Show at the end of her contract.  I cannot express how bummed I am about this.  Not only will I miss her professional and flawless anchoring of Weekend Today, but, since our time with her, seeing her on television has always reminded me of a very precious time in my life.  I will be eternally grateful to her for the way she helped us tell the world about a very special little boy.  She “got it” and as a result, much of the world “got it”.

So, thanks Amy Robach and God speed!  Rest assured I will tune in wherever you land—and so will Sean.

2 Comments on “ Ode to Amy Robach: How She Told Our Story with Class, While Turning Sean into A 14 Year Old. ”

  • Ron | November 16th, 2012 7:44 am

    Carolyn, you and Amy look like sisters. I loved your candidness in this blog.

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  • Carolyn Savage | November 16th, 2012 8:44 am

    Aw…thanks. (On both counts!)

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