People Watching Heaven at A Disco Party!

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Carolyn Savage

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love people watching.  There’s something about observing the thought processes and behavior of others that fascinates me.  I’m not a stalker.  I don’t physically follow people who interest me (except on Twitter maybe…which is a bit like stalking…and that’s a topic in and of itself) .  But, if an interesting person pops into my line of sight, I’m glued. 

There are certain venues that provide for particularly rich people watching experiences.  Vegas is probably my all-time favorite, followed closely by South Beach.  Both are exotic out-of-town destinations that encourage people to temporarily depart from their  everyday personas in favor of some good old fashioned, let-your-hair down fun.  Of course, to enjoy these venues, I have to travel, which isn’t exactly realistic given my present day mom-of-five reality.  So, I’ve come to truly appreciate when a local, yet outstanding, people watching opportunity presents itself, which is exactly what happened last Friday, at, of all places, a Disco Party.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve attended this party, but we hadn’t been in a few years.  Apparently, during our absence, this event had morphed from a country-club-casual, drink-a- beer, dance-a-little, fundraiser; to a fully costumed, over-serve-yourself, dance-like-a-hooker, free-for-all. 

I was overwhelmed by the crowds at first , but it only took a few seconds

 before I saw her…

…and it was people-watching GAME ON!


Now, let me clarify, I’m not a creep so I don’t take pictures of people without asking.  Which is why I was elated when the  opportunity to talk with this uninhibited Disco Queen came in the line at the bar.  We chatted a bit, her name was Sarah, she had an older boyfriend, “like in his 40’s”  who didn’t like Disco, so she was stag.  She asked me what I thought about her pants, to which I felt the need to debate the definition of the word pants, which ended in us trading compliments…

Sarah     You’re cute!


Me    Aw thanks!  You’re priceless!  Can I take your picture?

Sarah couldn’t oblige quick enough!  (Much to Sean’s entertainment!)

Unfortunately, I was a bit unprepared for all the poses she wanted to provide me…

Turns out she actually knew this guy which relieved me a bit…because she’s my friend now, and I didn’t want to see her beat up by this dude’s wife. 

People watching HEAVEN!!!

As the night moved on, we moved to the dance floor–which is a term I use loosely when describing the polyester laden, faux-afro wearing, mosh pit we ventured into. 

I was a little annoyed with the dancing at first because one of my petpeeves is people dancing with a drink in hand. 


Two reasons. 

First, I like to drink vodka (gin, rum, beer…whatever) not have it sloshed on my shoes.  Secondly, a drink is not an invisibility cloak.  Even if you are holding it, whilst dancing, I can still see you and, frankly, no one cares if you got game.  Put down the drink and concentrate dammit!

Apparently nobody at this Disco party got my etiquette memo which didn’t really matter because as it turned out, I had bigger concerns than people drinking while dancing!

Namely…this guy….

That’s my friend, Megan, wondering who the hell Orange Man was.  You see, Orange Man danced upclose and personal with pretty much all of my friends and when I say “personal” I mean “PERSONAL”. 


It was clever, actually. 

Because all of the incognito get-ups, it was hard to recognize people until they were up close, which allowed dudes like Orange Man to get into my (and many other’s) personal space.   He swore he was there with his wife.  My friends weren’t buying that there was a “Mrs. Orangeman”.  If there was, she’d most likely thrown in the towel and stomped off to the bar.

Disappointed that I’d missed the imaginary blow up between Mr. and Mrs. Orangeman, I turned my attention to the outstanding scene on the dance floor. 

Where I saw my boy’s third grade teacher letting loose….


My oldest’s pediatric orthopaedic surgeon dressed like a stud…

And my old neighbor sporting hair that looked oddly…


….like mine!

It couldn’t have been more entertaining, not only because of the people watching…

but also, and most importantly, because people were having fun!

Sean and l got home a little after midnight and laughed about what we’d seen as we lay in bed.  Friends acting crazy, respected professionals in get-ups we could have never imagined, and strangers having a great time with anyone and everyone that crossed their paths. 

It was a memorable night. 

Because the people watching…


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  • Kelly masters | June 26th, 2012 2:54 pm

    One of my favorite parties of the year, I missed it, and the partygoers. Thanks for sharing!

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