Slowing Down for Some Summer Fun

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Carolyn Savage

I can’t believe it’s Monday again.  Time is flying by so quickly these days—it worries me a bit.  Sunday morning Sean was playing with the babies on the family room floor when he called for my attention…”Look, Look!”  His tone was urgent so I spun around and was surprised to find my two girls, smiling and standing against the couch.

How quickly they grow…


We worked a lot in our garden this week.  (It’s actually kind of a stretch to call it a “garden” .  To me, a “garden” conjures up all kinds of images of well-manicured hedges or vegetables planted in tidy rows.  What we were doing was kind of more like damage-control landscaping—but I digress…)   Our house is fifteen years old and many of the shrubs were over grown or tired, so we spruced things up a bit.  MK is obsessed with roses.  In honor of her love for them we planted many! Fourteen rose bushes to be exact, and all in her favorite color…pink.

The boys finished their final exams this week, which makes Drew an official senior.  He and I are off to look at colleges next month.  I asked Ryan if he wanted to go.  He looked at me like my head was on backwards.  “Mom…I’m not going to college for three years.  Why would I look so soon?”  I only wish time would move as slowly as Ryan thinks it does!


Lastly, and most importantly…Sean and I celebrated our nineteenth anniversary last Tuesday.  We managed to sneak out for a late dinner and talked about how, at times, our lives have flown by, and at other times, our lives have kind of crawled by (particularly the months when I was “with child”– especially the months I was with someone else’s child)!  We laughed about how we had no idea what we were in store for back on May 29, 1993.  We agreed that, that…was a good thing!

May 29, 1993

So, onward!

 Hopefully the next couple of months will pass slowly…so we can savor the fun! 

What’s on your list your summer to-do list of fun?

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  • Angela Bonner | June 6th, 2012 11:43 am

    The picture of both of the twins standing is very sweet!

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