Social Media Sharing about My Kids and Monday’s Shenanigan

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Carolyn Savage

A funny thing happened yesterday…

After years of ignoring my rather active public Facebook Page, son #1 decided it could be useful to him (read the full story here).  I have to say the response even overwhelmed me.  I guess that’s because Facebook is kind of finciky these days.  You see, with a page the size of mine,Facebook wants me to pay to push my content–especially when there’s a link.  Of course, I refuse to do so.  I have six kids to feed, gas to buy and tuition to pay.  Whether 100 or 300 people read one of my blog posts isn’t a financial priority.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure how many people would see my request.  In fact, I figured at the most maybe 100 or so people would follow through.  When the comment count hit 185 in the first thirty minutes panic set in.  Not mine.  Drew’s.

I don’t put a lot of thought into what I post on my social media feeds.   I simply post about pressing issues that I’ve deemed appropriate to discuss in a public forum.  When to post?  A lot of social media tycoons really stress about this issue.  Apparently, there are optimal times to post every day and some days are better than others for engagement.

A tycoon I am not.

My social media feeds truly reflect my mood.  I love Instagram but have only posted one picture in the past week simply because I haven’t been in the mood to take or share any pictures.

My Facebook Page is very special to me.  It’s full of awesome people who have supported our family through some rough spots.  That being said, I am not a “I must post twice a week” kind of person.  I post when I’m compelled.  I post when it’s appropriate.


Now there’s a subective word.  What I mean by appropriate may not mean the same thing for someone else.  Boundaries are personal.  Comfort levels with sharing aspects of one’s personal lives are unique to an individual’s situation.  Over the years I’ve curated a personal set of guidelines for posting about issues that are on my mind.  Trust me when I say there is A LOT you don’t read.  It’s not like I’m trying to hide anything or present our lives as perfect.  We are far from perfection.  But there is a level of restraint that goes into what I share because I am trying to respect my children.

Respecting children and their right to privacy on social media is something I’ve grown more passionate about since this blog began in 2010.  I have to say that in the beginning my kids’ privacy wasn’t something I considered.  I wasn’t really writing about family issues at the time.  This blog began in conjunction with the publishing of Inconceivable.  It was more about infertility struggles, grappling with our unique situation at the time, and joking around about myself.  Self-deprication is a coping skill for me.  It keeps me honest.

Over the past six years, as the content of this blog expanded, I found myself discerning what I could and could not write about.  Luckily our two oldest sons were old enough to understand.   I was able to ask them if they were comfortable if I shared a story or a picture that included them.  There comfort levels were different.  I respect that.

But what about our younger children?   I could ask them what they thought but that would be unfair.  They aren’t old enough to grasp the ramifications of my social media feeds.  As a result, I am extremely careful about what I share when it comes to them.  It’s all in the spirit of trying to give them less to rebel about during their teenage years.  Trust me when I say they’ll have plenty of ammunition to stomp their teenage feet at without me leaving them a cyber trail littered with thousands of images and cute but embarrassing stories.

Yesterday proved to Drew that “Mama’s got some game” when it comes to social media but even I can’t predict how far a post is going to go.  There’s a lesson in that for both of us.

As for yesterday’s shenanigans, in the interest of keeping Drew focused on studying for his exams, I let him off the hook—a little.  Instead of replying to all of the comments (which at last count was somewhere around 650) he submitted the following for our consideration.  For me, it was sufficient.  For the rest of you…well…you can be the judge.

From my first born…

Thank you everyone! The support has been overwhelming! As a busy college student, I don’t have the time to comment on every post and my mom agreed to let that part of the deal go. I’ll just say this, my mom is a wonderful woman who, though very busy, always has the time to give me advice or just talk. She is always supportive of me. I am eternally grateful for that. Again, thank you so much for your help!”

Hmmm…nothing about my hair or cooking?  No thanks for teaching him to only get an “excellent” on his 7th grade science project guaranteeing him an “A” whilst protecting him from going on to the regional competition?

Hopefully he saves me a slice of pizza.

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