Summer Bucket List

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Carolyn Savage

It’s official.

School is out for everyone in our clan, and SUMMER. IS.ON!

MK on the last day of school!

MK on the last day of school!

Every spring I fantasize about all of the fun memories we will create over the  upcoming summer.  I think that activity helps me limp through the last few weeks of school.  (And when I say limp…I mean barely making it happen.)  I have high hopes for day excursions, a few vacations, educational activities, and plane old back yard fun.  My intentions are noble.  Unfortunately, they often get lost in a mixture of laziness and busy-ness and before I know it, it’s mid-August and back-to-school is looming like a dark cloud of regretful doom.

So…knowing myself the way I do, this year I’m going to tackle this whole summer bucket list with a few guarantees.  Meaning, two things.  First, I’m making a list.  I find that if I write tasks down, my ADHD is less likely to kick in and I can stay focused.  In addition, I’m publicizing my intentions which engages that whole “woman-of-her-word” ultimately upping  my chances that  I will accomplish my mission.

So…here it is…

Summer 2013 Bucket List

  • Water balloons.  Somewhere…sometime…with all five of my kids.
  • Toledo Zoo (The twins are going even if it kills me.)
  • Sand Castles decorated with Pacific shells and Lake Michigan stones.
  • Cedar Point with Ryan.  (Drew hates rides.)
  • Picnic at the park with the girls.  (Going to make it to at least three metro-parks.)
  • Pontoon boat ride. (If you have a cottage…we accept the invitation.)
  • Sparklers with Mary Kate
  • Sushi with Drew (I hate Sushi.  Drew loves it and he’s leaving…so…I feel compelled.)
  • Host girls night at our house.
  • Visit my cousins in Indiana
  • Get the twins to Jennifer…twice.
  • See Logan  (Totally out of my control, but I think it’ll happen.)
  • Cookout with Drew’s grade school friend’s parents.
  • Read four books before MK starts school.  (Suggestions are welcome.)
  • Teach Mary Kate to swim the length of the pool.

Things I’m Looking Forward Too…

  • Trip to Oregon with my three boys.  
  • Freshman orientation with Drew.
  • Our annual week at Lake Michigan.
  • July 4th
  • Family trip to Colorado for a wedding.
  • Twins’ 2nd birthday (Remember their first…)

Stay tuned for my summer bucket list updates!

Now let the summer fun begin…

On the big girl swing!

On the big girl swing!

Mark Kate trying to talk Isabella into getting on with it!

Mark Kate trying to talk Isabella into getting on with it!

Climbing the slide all by themselves.

Climbing the slide all by themselves.


Reagan's a bit more eager to slide down!

Reagan’s a bit more eager to slide down!

What’s on your bucket list for summer 2013?

Please share!

5 Comments on “ Summer Bucket List ”

  • Tracy | June 10th, 2013 1:01 pm

    Ok~ So when are you arriving…we have a boat! ;-D

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  • Jen | June 10th, 2013 1:19 pm

    With an ambitious bucket list like that I would be looking forward to September when you can relax a bit. LOL. I wish you a fabulous summer with your family. Safe travels.

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  • Mary V | June 11th, 2013 11:05 am

    My list? Surviving the summer with a bored 25 year old who is looking for a job and a life 🙂 Oh and holding my breath every. single. day. that my daughter’s pregnancy keeps moving along wonderfully. That’s enough for my summer!

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