The Magic of The Perfect Picture

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Carolyn Savage

Wednesday, on 101.5 The River we are talking photography tips for a perfect Christmas card!  I’ll be dragging my friend and trusted family photographer, Jennifer Mott, so she can share some of her wisdoms with the listening audience!  Be sure to tune in! 


I need to publicly apologize. 

For what?

Well, for this…

Our 1997 Christmas card! I’m so sorry boys!

In my defense, this shot was taken during the “pre-digital” period, back when we had to  point, shoot and hope for the best after paying for every single picture to be developed.  I remember draining an entire roll of film for this picture, and this was the best shot I got, therefore, it was anointed as our Christmas card. 

Thank God DIY photography has gotten easier over the past fifteen years. 

With the birth of digital photography, even the most novice amateurs are capable of snapping a few good pics here and there.  God knows, I try.  In fact, I posted one of my better shots on Facebook last week, and a devoted reader commented that she thinks I have a professional photographer stashed in a closet somewhere.  I don’t.  What said reader doesn’t know is that it took 150 pics to get to the “gem”.  The delete feature on digital cameras is one of the best inventions ever!  With a little persistence we can all look like professionals, occasionally! 

One of my favorites of Isabella!

A favorite of Reagan


And a favorite of Mary Kate.

 That being said, I believe there is still good reason to hire a professional to take some family pictures a few times a year.  There’s just something valuable about a professionally trained eye that can turn a great picture into a treasured image.

One of the greatest professionaly photographers we’ve worked with has captured some of the most prized images in our family!

I met Jennifer Mott when I hired her to take Mary Kate’s first birthday pictures.  Jennifer came to our home in June 2009 for the photo shoot and as soon as she dragged the antique  crib out of her trunk…

Mary Kate, 2009

 I knew I had made a good decision.

Drew, Mary Kate and Ryan 2009 (Photo by Jennifer Mott)

Our family, August 2011. Photo by Jennifer Mott.

 Jennifer can also get my family members to do things that they’d never do for me…

Reagan and Isabella, August 2011 (Photo by Jennifer Mott)

Reagan, 2009. You see…I don’thave an antique wicker baby carriage laying around. Jennifer does!

And by hiring a professional photographer, I actually get to hop in some of the photos instead of snapping away behind the camera!

When Jennifer works her magic, she can get even the grumpiest forty-something year old to smile in unison with his three daughters!

Her creative ideas for fun and memorable images are endless.  I’ve seen her in action…


This little one wasn’t exactly cooperative at first! No problem for Jennifer!

Adorable. This sweet little girl was putty in Jennifer’s professional hands!

Sean and I have trusted Jennifer to take what has turned out to be some of our most precious pictures! 

Guess who is in there?

 I realize that Jennifer is one of the pricier professional photographers in our area.  We only splurge on her once a year, but every single time she proves to be worth it! 

 To see more of her incredible work, you can visit her blog here

I’ll be revealing the rest of our photos from our latest session with Jennifer closer to Christmas!

A sneak peak!

 A Few DIY Tips for The Perfect Christmas Card Picture

1.  Keep the clothing simple.  You don’t all need to be dressed alike, but some coordinating colors always help to pull a shot together.  Oh…and avoid bold prints, stripes and patterns in a formal picture.  They tend to distract the eye.

2.  If working with children, try to have another adult stand behind you and act like a fool.  It helps to bring the attention of little ones at least in the direction of the camera!

3.  Don’t worry so much about having everyone look directly at the lens.  Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever taken have been candids.  Just catching the subjects interacting naturally can make for the perfect card!

4.  Learn to use basic photo editing software usually standard in most computers.  Windows Live Photo Gallery, for instance, has wonderful cropping, exposure and color correctors to help with shadows, and lighting issues! 

5.  Be creative.  Props that are fun but not distracting are always a nice addition to a Christmas card photo! 


2 Comments on “ The Magic of The Perfect Picture ”

  • lynda crossman | November 28th, 2012 9:19 am

    beautiful and precious. I do remember the time before digital… boy what a challenge. so many wasted film… not still holding in boxes…it just seemed back in the 1990’s life was harder. Now with 21 yrs of mother’s experience life is easier. But hey we made it. I remember going to the mall and having to have the easter bunny and santa pictures- waiting in those rediculous lines. Now we take the opportunity to get those same pictures without the malls. I remember have to put on the formal wear for those holidays.. not so much now.Yes still have a special outfit but not the stuffy style that was of the time then. Now I have chosen to have certain traditions…and those are the pictures I cherish. I have a yearly picture at christmas and the boys 21 + 6 take picture 2xs a yr. then of course there is the birthday pictures… it all makes my world go round…good job again with the writing and the lovely pictures…enjoy…can’t wait to see the other pictures. fondly lynda

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  • Lori Lavender Luz | November 28th, 2012 11:47 am

    I <3 the 1997 pic.

    Jennifer is clearly super-talented. And it doesn't hurt that you have such a gorgeous family.

    Lovely pix!

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