Top Ten Moments from Our Trip to NYC

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Carolyn Savage

We are back and what a trip we had.  In the interest of sparing you the longest blog post in the history of the internet, I’ve decided to give you the highlights in a Letterman style top ten list.  Here they are….


10.  Realizing at 9:30 Thursday night that Sean didn’t pack any pants! (This is a blog all on its own.  Stay tuned for the detailed story!) Thank God for a resourceful concierge, a speedy cab driver and a department store that didn’t close until 10 pm.  Only in NYC!


9.  Bumping into Jenna Bush in the Today Show studio and her telling me that her mom had just texted her asking if she had gotten to meet the twins.  Wow!

Drew, Jenna Bush, and Ryan in green room of Today Show!

8.  Stalking Nicki Reed (actress from the Twilight movies) in the hall of the Today Show so Drew and Ryan could get a pic!

Drew, Nicki Reed, and Ryan in green room of Today Show!

7.  Holding my breath during Mary Kate’s rendition of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” –complete with choreography—during our live appearance on Fox and Friends.  Watch Fox and Friends appearance here!

6.  Experiencing a close encounter with a plethora of reptiles in the green room of Fox and Friends.  (My mom is terrified of snakes.  The 18 foot python was not a welcome sight but MK was quite smitten with the Chinese alligator!)

Mary Kate and her new friend, Lynn…a Chinese Alligator, in the green room of Fox and Friends!

5.  Shopping with the kids in FAO Schwarz.  (Mary Kate’s reward for not completely stealing the show during our NBC appearances.)

Mary Kate being greeted by the FAO Schwarz nut cracker!

Ryan in the sugar store of FAO Schwarz!

4.    Riding through Central Park in a horse drawn carriage with MK, my mom and the twins!  (MK said she felt like a princess.)

Mary Kate and Grandma Linda in our buggy ride through Central Park!

Mary Kate and Carolyn after carriage ride!

3.  Shooting the breeze with Mike Huckabee in the kitchen of Fox News. 

Mike Huckabee with our family at Fox and Friends!

2. Spending time with Ann Curry, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Hoda Kotb (who Mary Kate absolutely adored).  They are all as kind and genuine as they seem on television!

Ann Curry and our family in Studio 1A at the Today Show!

To watch our appearance on the Today Show with Ann Curry, click here!  (You have to scroll down to video!)

Kathie Lee and Hoda with our crew!

Kathie Lee and Hoda with our crew!

Hoda Kotb holding MK! Love the look on Hoda’s face! Says it all!

 To watch our appearance on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, click here

1.  Seeing Jennifer hold Reagan and Isabella.  Absolutely perfect!

Jennifer holding a very sleepy (and comfy) Isabella!

Jennifer with the Reagan (right) and Isabella(left). Beautiful!

A great time was had by all! 

Ryan Sean, Carolyn and Drew in Times Square!

We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with NBC and Fox networks.  My guess is that this past weekend marked our last media appearance for a long, long time (if not ever) and although we have enjoyed our experiences, the idea of getting back to a “new normal” is very appealing!

Thanks for all of your prayers.  Although our segments weren’t “antic free” there were no catastrophic moments.  Just great memories for our entire family!

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