Two Year of Gifts

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Carolyn Savage

The twins are two.

So, we had a party.  Not a large, outlandish affair like last year.  Nope.  Just a grandma, two Godmothers, a God father, an uncle and a handful of cousins.

It was perfect.


Party dress

Party dress



I realize two is not the end of my toddler challenges.  They don’t call it the “terrible twos” for nothing (although I will go to my grave arguing that three is way worse than two).  Things can get pretty crazy around here and much of that craziness comes from a double dose of frustrated babies.  When all hell is breaking loose I can’t help but look at Drew and Ryan and start to mentally apologize for bringing so much chaos –in the form of little girls–into their lives.  I always stop myself, however, because no matter “what” is hitting the fan there is not one member of this family that’d have it any other way.

Reagan and Isabella completed our family.


We smile through it!

We smile through it…most of the time.  Sometimes we bicker.  We are normal…right?

Two is a special milestone.


Just like the easy-going nature of yesterday’s party, life is getting a little easier.  It’s amazing how their ability to answer a yes-or-no question makes a world of difference in the frustration department. Even better, with the passage of time Reagan and Isabella’s  little personalities are starting to show through.  Isabella is sweet natured.  She is the more verbal of the two which is not what we would have predicted early on.  I can tell she is going to be kind and helpful, always retrieving toys for her sisters handing them over with a proud exclamation of, “There you go!”.



Reagan is the quiet one.  Actually, it may be less”quiet” and more”stealth”.  She sees what she wants and goes after it with determination—um…she’ll leave footprints on your face if you get in her way.  My guess is this trait will probably serve her well but may also get her in a bit of trouble.  She is the cuddler in the duo.


DSC_0217 DSC_0251


Note their different cupcake eating styles!

Last night, when my head hit the pillow, I was thinking about the very same night two years ago.  The girls were born in the early evening and although they were full term, Isabella wasn’t into breathing right away, hence she was intubated and whisked off  to a NICU on the north end of Indianapolis.  Before  the neonatal transport team took her their lead nurse pulled me aside and gave me the run down on what was happening.  I remember phrases like…immature lungs; intubation and ventilator.  As he spoke I just nodded along actually finishing many of his sentences.  He finally asked me if I worked in a NICU because, “you seem to know an awful lot about what’s in store for your daughter“.

It was then that I replied, “This isn’t our first time at the rodeo…” and went on to explain that we’d had two prior NICU babies that were born far more worse off than Isabella.  He then quipped that, that explained my happy demeanor.  That’s when I caught him off guard.

Well, you see, I’m aware that she’s sick.  I’m not pleased that you’re taking her.  But honestly, as long as there’s no couple standing outside this nursery waiting to take away her to Detroit…forever…I’m fine.”  

Looking back on that moment, I can’t believe I said that…but… it was the God’s honest truth.  I knew the moment Reagan and Isabella were born that our family was complete.  My world had righted itself.



I guess that explains my willingness to scoff at chaos and my ability look at the bright side of challenges.  These girls…and Logan…have given me a precious gift.


So, last night we celebrated two years.  Two years of life; Two years of joy;   Two years of crazy chaos…and two years of gratitude.

How lucky am I?




Very…very lucky!


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Happy Monday!

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  • Beth | August 12th, 2013 11:21 am

    Perspective would be an understatement. You are blessed with the family you have for certain, but the loss is still ever-present.

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