What’s to Drink for Easter and Spring! Guest Post from Ken Evans and The Anderson’s Market

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Since I am in southwest Florida, Ken Evans from The Anderson’s Market stood in for me for my weekly appearance on 101.5 The River with Rick and Mary Beth.  Ken never disappoints as he has some amazing beer and wine recommendations for Easter dinner and the (hopefully) warming temperatures of spring.  Enjoy!  


Lighter body reds are better with most traditional Easter Dinner foods. However, heavy reads like Zinfandel and Petite Sirah will pair nicely with many lamb dishes. For my picks I went with mostly lighter reds and one medium body red. Now some of these you may have seen before but that is only because they are really good!

  1. West Coast Cellar Cuvee Pinot Noir [$19.99] –This wonderfully rich Pinot Noir it brings loads of deep cherry and lightly woodsy flavor. Not to mention a great buy at $20!
  2. Manoir du Carra: Fleurie (Beaujolais) [$24.99] – Similar to Pinot Noir in body this wine is fruity and complex. Bright berry flavors contrast with a slight dirty note that just brings the wine alive!
  3. Exclamation Cabernet Franc [$44.99] – A little heavier than the Pinot Noirs, this wine is smooth with notes of black fruit and strawberry. It is a little pricy but I real crowd pleaser. Plus the bottle looks cool!

White Wines

  1.  Arindo Verdejo [$11.99] – This white wine has a flowery nose with a wonderfully floral citrus taste. It’s about the same dryness as a pinot grigio and at least in my opinion the essence of Spring in a bottle.
  2. Mondero Spumante from Asti [$13.99] – For the people who like it sweet, this Spumante brings bright lemon lime flavors with mild sticky sweetness.


Rose Wines.

Too often people associate pink wine with sweet wine and that is a shame because a lot of people are missing out on some amazing wines.

  1.  Andrieux Cotesdu Provence Rose [$15.99] –Is a traditional Provence Rose with light berry notes and clean smooth finish. Think fresh Strawberries and white wine combined. But dry!
  2. Acrobat Rose Pinot Noir [$12.99] –This Rose Pinot Noir is a little hardier with brighter cherry and raspberry notes.


  1.  Dogfish Head Aprihop [$8.99] – Bitter Citrusy Hops paired with juicy apricots. Do I need to say more?
  2. Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout [$10.99] – Chocolate Candy Beer. A great sweet stout with a real (not synthetic) chocolate flavor. And WOW does it go down fast. Why should only the kids get Chocolate for Easter?
  3. Saison Dupont [$16.99] – Wheaty/Grassy/Yeasty, bright, and rustic. Saisons are hard to describe but they are the new rage in craft beer. And Dupont is responsible for bring the style back. Try not to miss this traditional spring beer!


  1.  B.Nektar Necromangocan [$8.99] – This new Mango Black Pepper Mead is only available at the Anderson Market! The taste is bright and fruity with just a hint of robust black pepper. The finish is lightly tart and very satisfying. Trust me folks this is one of the best new things you will try this year!
  2. Nektar Meil de Garde [$44.99] – Ok! I know it’s expensive and I know mead is a fairly new thing to most people. But trust me that this is good. Really good! This special revere beekeeper only Orange Blossom Honey is turned into mead and then aged on oak for 18 months. Then the bottles are left to set for two years achieving their peak flavor. What you get is a one of kind rich and sensual mead that rewards you with a lightly citrusy honey flavor and a full body oaky finish. This among all else is my top Easter pick.

I hope you get out to the Anderson’s Market and these recommendations a try.  I promise they will make for a great spring


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