Yes…He Wears Clothes While Playing with The Dollhouse (A Point of Clarification)

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Carolyn Savage

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of Sean’s colleagues harboring a request.  He wanted me to divulge a secret about Sean–“something nobody knows“–that he could relay as he spoke about Sean’s achievements at the annual company recognition dinner.


Knowing that this was for a work related event and not a personal roast of some sort, I stuck to the benign.  Surely a tidbit about Sean’s amazing ability to come home after a ten hour work day and eight mile run and play “balls out” with the girls would be appropriate. I mean the sight of Sean dressed to the hilt in a feather boa and rhinestone tiara while playing doll house is not something his coworkers could imagine.


Or so I thought.

Fast forward to last Friday, the night of the event.   First, you must know that this annual banquet is notoriously long.  Every year those in charge vow to keep the recognition portion of the evening brief, but inevitably the program goes longer than expected.  This year , in an attempt to speed things up, they employed a new tactic.   To signal that a speaker was getting long winded, a large hook would appear from behind a curtain.  It was supposed to be funny… and it was.

Anyways, when it was time for the remarks about Sean, Sean’s colleague had apparently already blown his allotted time.  Hence, the hook appeared just as he was about to relay the story about Sean playing with the girls and it came out like this…

Carolyn told me something you all might not be able to imagine.  Apparently it’s not uncommon for her to find Sean playing in the dollhouse… fully clothed.

There was a confused laugh from the audience, and the flustered speaker moved on just leaving that comment hanging for interpretation.

As Sean turned around to give me his best “WTF?!?!” look, I snorted my cosmo through my nose, and abruptly sought refuge in the bathroom to muffle my hysterics.

I know…nice supportive wife.


The good news?  I explained what I had actually told Sean’s colleague about Sean which made him feel better.

The bad news?  I’m not exactly sure what Sean’s coworkers think about his play habits.

Hence, this point of clarification.


Now smile.

The weekend is coming.

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  • Teri | February 28th, 2013 10:55 am

    Thank God you didn’t mention anything about him wearing women’s clothing before the hook came out!!!

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