Sean and Carolyn in the press.

Interview on Fox & Friends

POSTED: 04/8/11 10:00 AM

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Our Exciting Announcement!

POSTED: 04/7/11 8:43 AM

Our prayers have been answered. We’re having twins!

We’ve been so humbled by every good wish and blessings we’ve received from real friends like you. When shock and heartbreak came, you comforted. When we started to lose hope about expanding our family, you squeezed our hands in support and told us to not lose faith.

When we brought Logan into this world, we came to understand his life was a gift. We are humbled again as one very special woman is giving this same gift of family to us. Jennifer, our carrier-our partner and guardian angel-has become part of our family. We are in awe of her generosity and our gratitude is beyond measure.

Today marks 19 weeks. Almost halfway! We don’t know the genders of the babies yet, but you can see their ultrasound picture here and watch what we shared on the Today Show this morning below. As you’ve been so supportive, we wanted to welcome you into their lives. We’ll be posting updates on our website if you’d like to follow their progress.

We’re excited and terrified and feel so very lucky. Did we mention excited?! Forgive us our gushiness as we wait for their arrival in mid-August, but we are overwhelmed by love and gratitude. Thank … Read the rest

Daily Mail (UK): The mother who had another woman’s baby by mistake

POSTED: 03/21/11 4:22 PM

The mother who had another woman’s baby by mistake

By Jenny Johnston

Carolyn was ecstatic when she became pregnant by IVF. But a bizarre mix-up left her facing a cruel dilemma

Just before the nurses took her newborn baby from her for the final time, they asked Carolyn Savage if she would like them to make up a ‘bereavement box’ for her to take home.

She said she would — well aware that, in time, mementos of the all-too-short moments she had spent with baby Logan would help her come to terms with her loss.

Carolyn recalls watching a nurse hold one little foot while a clay imprint was made; then smiling, somehow, for photographs, as Logan lay on her chest. In all, she spent 45 minutes with her ‘feisty little man’.

Seventeen months on, Carolyn talks of the ‘bereavement process’, concluding that she and husband Sean ‘have done anger and denial and depression. I think we are kind of in acceptance now, but it’s not an altogether straight line’.

Anyone who has lost a child might feel they recognise the emotions the Savages are charting today. But they cannot possibly. For the tragedy is not that baby Logan is dead. He is just someone else’s son.

Logan was the … Read the rest Inconceivable Love

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Carolyn and Sean Savage share their incredible story of how a medical mistake turned into a lifetime of love. BY: Jana Melpolder

Carolyn and Sean Savage were thrilled to learn that they were pregnant and going to have a baby after going for In Vitro Fertilization treatments. But soon they discovered that it wasn’t genetically their baby. Discover their story how faith, family, strength, and love united this amazing couple to hand Logan – the baby they couldn’t keep – over to his other family.

Jana Melpolder: You both have an incredible story. It’s amazing. Could give me a little bit of background to how this all came about?

Carolyn Savage: Sean and I have been married for 18 years and we knew prior to actually getting married that our fertility was so much threatened due to an early diagnosis. I had endometriosis. And so, we knew that we were going to have to get after building a family right away. Luckily I was five months pregnant on our first anniversary. We also were able to conceive our second son in 1996 the old-fashioned way as well. We thought maybe we had beaten the once-predicted diagnosis of infertility, but unfortunately when we went back to have our third child, we … Read the rest

Luxury Reading Review

POSTED: 03/17/11 11:30 AM

March 16, 2011   |    Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova    |

College sweathearts Carolyn and Sean Savage wanted nothing more than to have a big family. Their sons Drew and Ryan were born two years apart, but Carolyn’s health problems and the couple’s unexplained inability to conceive made it difficult to have more children. After more than a decade of trying, their daughter Mary Kate was born after a successful round of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The Savages, devout Catholics, struggled with their decision to turn to IVF, since the Catholic Church is expressly against artificial conception. In the end, their desire for another child proved stronger, but they decided that they would give every embryo a chance at life.

Intent on using every embryo, Carolyn and Sean scheduled another implantation. Little did they know that that day would change their lives forever; Carolyn was implanted with another couple’s embryo and became pregnant.

Carolyn’s joy for her pregnancy quickly turned to despair when their doctor discovered the mistake. She had a choice: she could either abort the pregnancy or carry it to term and give the baby to its genetic parents, the Morells. Relying on their faith, Carolyn and Sean chose the difficult path and embarked on a heartbreaking path of … Read the rest