Augusta Chronicle Editorial: Class Distinction

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by the Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

As the Declaration of Independence says, all men are, indeed, created equal.

But what they do after that is up to them.

Consider the night-and-day difference between what you see on, say, The Jerry Springer Show and Maury , and what you see in one Carolyn Savage.

In someone else’s hands, Savage’s story might have been Jerry Springer fodder: Impregnated by in-vitro fertilization, Savage ultimately learned the fertility clinic had implanted another woman’s embryo in her.

She was carrying another couple’s baby.

But whereas someone else might have gone on Springer and yelled at the biological mother that she was going to keep the baby, while watching the men folk get into a shoving match for the cameras, Carolyn Savage and her husband decided, through tears and heartache, that they would have the baby — and give it back to the biological parents.

They did so Sept. 24.

They are just one couple. One ordinary, average American couple from Ohio. But Sean and Carolyn Savage have, for the entire nation to see, defined class and reinvented selflessness.

They never once considered aborting the baby, believing it’s an innocent human life. They didn’t claim the baby as their own. They didn’t run into court to fight for custody.

What they did was cry, consult, pray and embrace the biological parents, not push them away.

The biological parents are calling Savage a guardian angel.

“Embryo mix-ups at fertility clinics are extremely rare,” says The Associated Press. “In those few instances, they’ve degenerated into custody battles, ugly lawsuits and at least one abortion. But not this time.”

That’s because Carolyn Savage wasn’t just giving birth to someone else’s child.

She was also giving rebirth to class.

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