Our Exciting Announcement!

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Carolyn Savage

Our prayers have been answered. We’re having twins!

We’ve been so humbled by every good wish and blessings we’ve received from real friends like you. When shock and heartbreak came, you comforted. When we started to lose hope about expanding our family, you squeezed our hands in support and told us to not lose faith.

When we brought Logan into this world, we came to understand his life was a gift. We are humbled again as one very special woman is giving this same gift of family to us. Jennifer, our carrier-our partner and guardian angel-has become part of our family. We are in awe of her generosity and our gratitude is beyond measure.

Today marks 19 weeks. Almost halfway! We don’t know the genders of the babies yet, but you can see their ultrasound picture here and watch what we shared on the Today Show this morning below. As you’ve been so supportive, we wanted to welcome you into their lives. We’ll be posting updates on our website if you’d like to follow their progress.

We’re excited and terrified and feel so very lucky. Did we mention excited?! Forgive us our gushiness as we wait for their arrival in mid-August, but we are overwhelmed by love and gratitude. Thank you for helping to bring hope to our family.

We also wanted to take this time to ask you to pray for all parents. It doesn’t matter how your children come to you or what labels we apply, but all of us parents know that every child is a gift. Each day is a struggle and a blessing, but always an expression of the deepest love. So for expecting parents and empty nesters alike, this one goes out to you. Our prayers and thoughts and love for you and your family.

God Bless,

Carolyn and Sean

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