Sean and Carolyn in the press.

Watch: WDIV TV in Detroit

POSTED: 02/24/11 11:20 PM

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Review: from Penelope’s Oasis

POSTED: 02/23/11 11:17 AM

“You are warned: this book is a tear-jerker. I’m profoundly touched by their sacrifice and I don’t know what I would have done in this situation, but as their story navigates these and many more questions the enormity of what they faced and went through astounds.”

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Patricia Faulhaber Reviews: “The story is riveting”

POSTED: 02/22/11 12:21 PM

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Mementos from Barnes & Noble in Toledo

POSTED: 02/18/11 6:32 PM

Last night, Sean and Carolyn held a community event at the Barnes & Noble in Franklin Park in Toledo. They led a discussion about their life-changing journey, answered questions, and signed copies of their new book.

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2/21 Issue of People on Newsstands Now!

POSTED: 02/17/11 8:17 PM

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