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Carolyn Savage

“Inconceivable. The word alone imparts a sense of the unbelievable. But when one uses it to describe what happened to the Savages, it takes on new depths. Inconceivable by Carolyn and Sean Savage is one of the most remarkable nonfiction books you will ever read. Written in two voices, Sean’s and Carolyn’s, it’s not only deeply touching, it is superbly written…

it is an inspiration to all who read it. The Savages are a special couple. Sean, with his background in financial planning, sets out to devise a plan to get them through nine months and beyond. Carolyn, who has retired from the educational field, devotes herself not only to the baby she is carrying, but to her family as well.

As we watch them navigate the turbulent waters they have been thrust into, we see a couple devoted to family, faith, and commitment in all areas of their lives. And it’s not just about the Savages. We get to see the other parents’ side and pain in this mistake by the medical profession. If you only read one nonfiction book this month, choose Inconceivable.”

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