Review from Divine Caroline

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Carolyn Savage

“Carolyn & Sean Savage’s story was covered widely in the People magazine and on The Today Show when they gave birth to the baby boy in September 2009. In this book they are telling the entire story for the very first time.
It is a story of a couple who underwent an IVF procedure only to later learn that the clinic had transferred the wrong embryos. They then had to face a heartbreaking decision: terminate the pregnancy, sue for custody or hand over the infant to his genetic parents upon delivery. They decided to give away the baby that Carolyn had carried in her womb, to a family they didn’t know. If you’re a parent you will understand the pain that they must have felt throughout her pregnancy knowing they will never be part of the child’s life.
Reading this book I learned a great deal about IVF and encourage anyone considering going through this procedure to read it. The book provides an inside look at how modern medicine could allow such a tragic mistake to take place.”

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