Sean and Carolyn on the Today Show

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Carolyn Savage

February 14, 2011

With Meredith Vieira

A Cautionary Tale

With Kathie Lee and Hoda

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  • ALLISON R. JOHNSON | February 16th, 2011 2:14 am

    I just came across your story and was very moved by it. Carolyn’s courage is amazing. I have suffered from post partum depression, I guess I am still there, after my 4th child. My kids are amazing, I love babies… and even after everything I have had to endure, I would do it all again! I heard somewhere about Carolyn being unable to have any more children due to health concerns and even about the disappointing unsuccess with your surrogate. Yet, you both continue to say that it also seems to be possible that pregnancy could still happen, which kind of confused me. As a nurse, I was just curious about your health concerns because I have had doctors tell me not to have any more kids… that the horrible doctor that delivered my 3rd. My 4th was considered “high risk” but nowadays with OB… everyone seems to be high risk! I just really feel that OB’s can be extremely over cautious because of the issues they have with malpractice suits. In fact, in school I thought Labor & delivery would be a great area to go into, but found out quickly that nurses and doctors are steering away from this profession now because of the extreme sensitivity of it and the fact that parents can sue for up to 21 years, probably varies by state. Anyways, don’t lose hope because you obviously have faith and a very strong and wonderful family. God Bless you all and I hope your book is a success… you deserve to have some happiness come from all of this. Sincerely, A. Johnson, RN

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