The Great Dog Debate

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Carolyn Savage

To dog or not to dog.  That is the question…or the current argument going on in our house.

I’m not even sure how it all started but all of a sudden many members of our brood have puppy fever.  Mary Kate especially.  Well…and me.  I have to honest about that one.  I’m pining for a furry friend.

I talked about our current debate on air last week.  Rick, the morning host at 101.5 The River, was flabbergasted that we didn’t have a dog.  He has two.  Marybeth, the other host, also has two.  If you’re one of the many who listen every morning you know their dogs’names.  They are frequent and favorite topics of morning bantor.

Honestly, when I really think about it, I’m actually surprised I’ve never pushed Sean for a dog.  I grew up with dogs.  Heidi was a lab.  Bailey was a Golden.  If you had asked me as a kid if I would have a dog as an adult there would have been no question.  Doesn’t everybody have a dog?

It wasn’t until Sean and I were married that I realized I’d married a non-dog person.  I distinctly remember where I was standing when the subject came up and he told me if we ever had … Read the rest

Did I Mention I’m in A Movie Debuting Tomorrow?

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Carolyn Savage

So…in my latest edition of “my life is stranger than fiction” I have a movie premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow.

Okay…it’s not really “my” movie.  I am in it, though.  For a split-second…from what I’ve been told.  I haven’t actually seen it yet.  That’s pretty typical for me, however.  I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch an hour long show Discovery Health did about me either.  That aired two years ago.

Can you tell I don’t watching myself on a screen?

Anyways, back in 2013 I was asked to serve as a judge for Sher Fertility Institute’s annual “I Believe” contest.  I had judged for the contest before, and as gut-wrenching as that experience was, I agreed to do it a second time.  Dr. Sher helped us conceive Reagan and Isabella.  If he asks me to jump my reply will always be, “How high?”

Who wouldn’t want to work with the doctor who brought us these two miracles?

There was a caveat for the 2013 judging session.  It was going to be filmed.  As a result, instead of contemplating the entries in the comfort of my own home, I had to travel to Las Vegas to take part in a judging session.  In … Read the rest

Social Media Sharing about My Kids and Monday’s Shenanigan

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Carolyn Savage

A funny thing happened yesterday…

After years of ignoring my rather active public Facebook Page, son #1 decided it could be useful to him (read the full story here).  I have to say the response even overwhelmed me.  I guess that’s because Facebook is kind of finciky these days.  You see, with a page the size of mine,Facebook wants me to pay to push my content–especially when there’s a link.  Of course, I refuse to do so.  I have six kids to feed, gas to buy and tuition to pay.  Whether 100 or 300 people read one of my blog posts isn’t a financial priority.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure how many people would see my request.  In fact, I figured at the most maybe 100 or so people would follow through.  When the comment count hit 185 in the first thirty minutes panic set in.  Not mine.  Drew’s.

I don’t put a lot of thought into what I post on my social media feeds.   I simply post about pressing issues that I’ve deemed appropriate to discuss in a public forum.  When to post?  A lot of social media tycoons really stress about this issue.  Apparently, there are optimal times to post every day and some days are better … Read the rest

A Few Signs that Vacation Re-Entry Has You by The B*lls

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Carolyn Savage

Re-entry after an extended vacation can be challenging.  Re-entry into an unseasonably cold and snowy northwest Ohio spring can be downright horrible.  After wandering through the fog that has been the re-introduction to our rather chaotic schedule for the past 48 hours I’ve come to identify a few signs that one may be suffering from Vacation Re-Entry Syndrome.

It’s a thing, people.

Getting dressed is hard.

Like… so hard it becomes optional.  Just this morning, as I saw the Roto Rooter guy pulling into my driveway, I recognized this sympton in myself when I thought, “Sh*t.  I should probably put on pants…and a bra,” but realized I didn’t have time for both.  You guys, I booked the appointment.  It’s not like Roto Rooter was springing a surprise visit .    Bra or pants?!?!?  It was like Sophie’s choice.

You become forgetful.

So forgetful, in fact, that you can’t remember any part of your pre-vacation life.  During the first 48 hours home I had to remind myself where I keep the cooking oil (uh…the same place it’s been for the past decade); and when MK got out of the car Monday morning she quickly ran back asking where her glasses were.  “Sh*t.  You where glasses?!?  No wonder you couldn’t Read the rest

How Coconut Cake Clears Up The Easter Confusion

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Carolyn Savage

Of our six kids three aren’t old enough to really understand our Easter traditions.  They are happy to wake up to a basket full of goodies, a trip to church dressed in their Sunday best, and brunch…no questions asked.

Of the other three one is a synic.  He was born that way.  He never bought any of it.  Not the dude who traveled the world in a sleigh and most certainly not a dumb rabbit that delivers eggs and jelly beans.   Thank goodness his synicism made him cooperative.  We could buy his silence with a wink and chocolate.

The other two aren’t as easy.  They are thinkers.  They think…about everything.  “Mom…how does this work?  Mom…How does that work?  Why?  Why not?  When?  How?”  

They are exhausting.  Especially when things don’t make sense.  And nothing makes less sense than our Easter traditions.

Let me get this straight.  A bunny delivers eggs; Jesus was dead but came back to life; and we eat Coconut Cake to celebrate?

Honestly, I think I could explain the cluster that is our current state of American politics before I could come up with a plausible explanation as to the link between the resurrection and an egg laying rabbit.  And the coconut cake?  I … Read the rest

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