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Post-Operative Shenanigans I Didn’t Remember… Until I Got The Receipt

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Carolyn Savage

You know how when you have out patient surgery you leave the hospital half drugged up and half zoned out with a stack of discharge instructions that you rarely read?

Turns out someone who’s not drugged up and zoned out should read them…throroughly …because there’s a golden nugget of advice tucked in between the warnings about shortness of breath and tips on how to not rip open your stitches that go a little something like this…


Well, duh.  Right?

Turns out, however, I have an additional piece of advice for the non-drugged up, zoned out person caring for the the one who has just been sedated.

TAKE YOUR RECENTLY ANESTHETIZED LOVED ONE’S SMART PHONE AWAY!  And…if you don’t she cannot be held responsible for anything she does with said technology for a period of up to 48 hours after surgery (which is apparently the length of time it takes for anesthesia to stop affecting my brain).

Of course, my post-op instructions didn’t advise Sean to confiscate my phone…so he didn’t…which didn’t seem like such a big deal until the UPS man delivered a Keurig coffee maker to my home this past … Read the rest


My One Legged Version of Holiday Crunch Time

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Carolyn Savage

T-minus two weeks and counting and I’m happy to report that being laid up with only one useable leg has brought a new perspective to holiday crunch time for me.  Of course, I knew I was going to be out of commission for the first half of December which forced me to run around like an obsessed and somewhat unstable elf during the month of November.  (Let’s face it…If I had been unexpectedly bedridden during this time of year I would probably be in need of heavy sedation and/or some heavy mental-emotional interventions.)

But I knew this downtime was coming…and I prepared.



Christmas cards…done.

Wrapping…almost done.

As my early Christmas to-do list started to become an “already-done-list” I actually found myself looking forward to surgery thinking I’d get to lay around for two weeks and rest.   Which, I’m happy to report, has kind of happened.  But, there’s also been an unexpected perk.  The gift of time spent with my kids.  We’ve been reading stories, working on Christmas crafts, playing manger and making plans (elaborate plans, folks) for the holiday baking that will be coming next week.  We’ve watched Christmas classics and snuggled under blankets on the couch in front of the fire.  I’ve also watched a lot … Read the rest


Santa Spy Cam Equals Elf on A Shelf Fun!

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Carolyn Savage

Okay readers…this is going to be short and to the point because I’m currently looped up on a vicodin-zofran cocktail.  (I had foot surgery on Monday!)

I was recently contacted by the creator of an outstanding app that will turn your Elf on A Shelf experience up a notch!  It’s called the Santa Spy Cam and can be used on iPhones.  It is simply awesome.

If you are interested, please  visit this site and watch the embedded video for more information….

Now if you’ll excuse me…I have to return to my state of semi-conciousness.  I expect to be back by the end of the week.

Read the rest


My Make Ahead Thanksgiving

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Carolyn Savage

The end of November is right around the corner and to most of us Americans that means two things…turkey and relatives.  For our family this  year’s Thanksgiving is going to require a monumental amount of work.  Oh wait…did I write “for our family”?  Oh…silly me.  I meant for ME.  Who am I kidding?

Why so much more work this year than last?

We are hosting.  Of course, anyone who’s ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner you know hosting is a lot of work.  The food, the turkey, the sides, the dishes, the cooking, the planning but our Thanksgiving tradition takes the whole thing up a notch.  You see, my family is spread out all across the country and Thanksgiving is our command performance.  Which means…houseguests…for five nights….which means I’m not just cooking and planning for one dinner.  I’m cooking and planning for ten meals…for fifteen people.

Please pass the wine.

Of course, I’m not complaining.  I absolutely love Thanksgiving with my family.  We don’t get to all be under one roof that often so when the rare occasion happens upon us we members of the Higgins/Shafer/Savage brood suck every last morsel of fun out of every single second.  Which requires food and drink…and lots of both.

In order not to spend every … Read the rest


Hey Santa…Back Off Old Man….It’s Not Your Turn

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Carolyn Savage

I know, I  know…I’ve been MIA.

There’s a reason though.  Not a “that will absolutely get you out of your final exam” kind of excuse but nevertheless…an excuse.  You see, I’ve been having fun with my kids.  We’ve been wrestling in leaves, prepping for the holidays and stomping around in the snow.  In between I’ve been doing my normal cooking, cleaning,  and schlepping routine which is unfortunate for this little corner of the blogosphere but necessary for my family.

As my crazy busy friends and I often remind one another…we’re together now.  Let’s make the best of it.


About that big guy in the red suit…

Nobody loves Christmas as much as I do.  Well…actually…I don’t think I corner the market on Christmas cheer.  I know right about now there are many of us making our lists and checking them twice.  Hell, I’ll even cop to already using the Santa card during a few moments of parental desperation. I think November anticipation of December holidays is a natural and necessary step… much in the same way simmering gravy is important to thickening it.  November is both a warm up and a reality check.  It gives us time to take inventory of what’s most important and give thanks for all … Read the rest


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