No Wonder Our Mothers Drank The Hard Stuff

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Carolyn Savage

Have you ever wondered what the first Independence Day celebrations  were like?  I don’t know if it was because I spent a lot of time as a kid watching Little House on the Prairie reruns or if it was because historical fiction was a genre that spoke to me when I was a young reader, but I often find myself wondering how in the world pioneeer women did it.  How did they take care of their families, protect their children, cook,  clean and clothe without the modern day conveniences of today?

Good God it must have been tough.

Like hellish.

Even during the course of my life caring for a family has changed drastically.  I remember when we got our first microwave.  It was my mom’s birthday. My dad surprised her and it was such a big, hairy deal that a small crowd of neighbors gathered around the giant box on our back patio to watch my mom open it.

It was as big as a fridge.

I think it took a couple of the men-folk to haul it inside and when they did we all gathered around while we boiled water…in two minutes.  It was epic.

So much was different of our mothers.  Fresh fruit was available “in season”; … Read the rest

If Only It Was Always Summer: An Update on Nicholas

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Carolyn Savage

It’s been awhile friends.  Too long.

For that, I apologize.

I’ve been sucked into the vortex of managing six kids of very different ages.  Meeting their differing needs seems to take every minute of my day.  If only these posts could go straight from my brain to the blog.   On that note…if only laundry did itself; meals cooked themselves; houses cleaned themselves…

There are so many “if onlys” none of which is more prevalent in my brain than the following…

If only it was ALWAYS summer.

You see, summer agrees with Nicholas.  The warm weather.  The absence of cold and flu season.  The ability to leave the house to explore and discover.  This boy can’t get enough of the outside world–and people.  He loves everyone.  There is no stranger-danger wired into this one.  He shares smiles with enthusiam.  His joy with every new experience…and person… is palpable.


He thinks grass is hilarious.



Nicholas had ear tubes surgically placed in late April, a common procedure for kids with PCD due to the malfunction of the cilia in the eustachion tubes.  He is our third child to have tubes, but our only who has struggled with persistent infection after surgery.

It was our expectation that the tubes would … Read the rest

A Seventh Birthday

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Carolyn Savage

Seven years ago today a little girl bounced into our world at a whopping 2 pounds 15 ounces.  We learned immediately that what she lacked in size she made up for in spunk!

Mary Kate, 2008

Seven years later Mary Kate continues to amaze us.  When not reading her favoritie American Girl book she loves making her baby brother laugh and playing Calico Critters with her two little sisters.  In addition to loving ballet, soccer, running and acting Mary Kate is always up for a snuggle with a side of sass.

Mary Kate, 2013

Mary Kate, 2014

Tonight is her final performance in CTW’s production of the Unprincess and never has their been an “Annie the Inn Keeper” who nailed her part with such enthusiasm.

Annie the Inn Keeper getting her make-up!

MK with Aunt Jo Jo


We are so very proud of our girl.  It is a pleasure to parent her!


Happy Birthday, MK.  We love you!

 … Read the rest

He Laughs in His Sleep

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Carolyn Savage

I could probably leave it at that because he really does.  The first time I saw him do it I thought it was gas or a fluke, but I’ve now witnessed the phenomenon repeatedly.  It truly is laughter.


Of course, he has reason to smile.  He is four months old and thriving.  Weighing in at a healthy thirteen and a half pounds, Nicholas continues to slam dunk all of his milestones.  With the exception of a run-of-the-mill ear infection, he has also managed to remain healthy.

Thank God.

As for the rest of us, we are adjusting to our new normal.  Being the mother of six is a lot.  A lot of chaos.  A lot of laundry.  A lot of crazy.  And, a lot of love.  Every time I find myself dragging due to sleep deprivation I remember where we stood only a few months ago and mutter a prayer of thanks giving.  We are so very grateful.

Amidst the gratitude there is still a little bit of angst.  Because Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia is genetic we were encouraged to have our other five children tested for the disease.  Sean and I were genotyped last month and we know now that we are both carriers of a mutated CCDC 40 … Read the rest

And Then The Doctor Called…

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Carolyn Savage

I’ve noticed that many of you tend to worry when I get quiet.  Most of the time your concerns are unfounded.  My lack of presence is due to being trapped under multiple loads of laundry or being sequestered to my car depositing children at their various activities.

Unfortunately, this most recent silence isn’t that simple.

Last Tuesday Sean and I were summoned to a conference call with Nicholas’ pulmonologist.  As we waited on the line for his doctor to join the party we were both silent.  We knew the genetic test results were back…and we knew that our required presence for an explanation probably meant we were about to get some disconcerting news.

Neither of us could talk.  I can’t speak for Sean but I was quiet because I feared if I opened my mouth I just might throw up.  In fact, I was so sure of what I was about to hear that I spent a minute or two trying to decide where I wanted to be in my house when I heard the doctor say it.  Which room did I want to forever associate with bad news?

I chose an upstair’s closet.

Now before everyone gets too upset let me put you at ease a bit.  There is … Read the rest

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