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Posted 3/16/2013

In the middle of juggling two toddlers who have suddenly learned how to untwist sippy cups and finagle their way around  baby proofed door handles, some demented soul thought it might be fun to hack into my website and start sending out spam.  God and some quick thinking engineers at are the only ones who know what spewed from my site on Thursday night.  I hope it wasn't too profane or offensive.  


To any of you who have gotten offers to look at pictures of me if you click on "this link", for the love of God...don't click.  I mean, seriously...think about it.  Even if it wasn't spam it's a picture of me.  


Save your eyes.

I'd like to publicly thank Kevin and Karen David for answering my "holy crap, help me" distress calls this morning.  Out of the goodness of their hearts (and the expediency of their awesome company they created this temporary space for me.  The plan is for some people who are much smarter than I am to take a look at the damage to my previous site, clean and restore it on Monday.


In the meantime, I'm here.  (Where here is I'm not really sure.  I think it's purgatory for websites.  Regardless, it's better than being no where. And let's face it...given my daily chaos I'm never totally sure where I am anyways.  So, I'm oddly comfortable with this.)


Happy Weekend!  More to come in the saga of the spammers.